Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day!!

This man is awesome!  He is such a fun, caring, loving amazing dad.  I love to watch him interact with our boys.  They love to wrestle, drive monster trucks, snuggle and watch movies, eat fruit snacks and just be together.  

G on shoulders, M on left, L on right 

For father's day he got some new shirts to share with the boys.  His said big man, M & G's said middle men and L's said little man.

G on left, L on top, M on right 

M on left, L on top, G on right

I included this picture because I love L's face.

We had a wonderful day at the lake celebrating and spending time with Daddy.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Over the weekend we decided to take the boys to Ribfest.  We talked about it in the middle of the week and decided on not going.  We figured it would be too old for the boys and it wouldn't be as fun as we would want it to be. 

Hubs brother went one day for lunch and asked Hubs again if we were going to go.  At this point we were back on the fence again.  

The end of the week I did a 1st birthday cake smash photo session and drove by Ribfest.  When I was driving by I saw all of the blowup stuff and right away decided no way.  It was all way too big and the boys would be so upset the whole time because they wouldn't be big enough to go on it.... as I continued down the road guess what I saw... A KID AREA!  That was it.  WE WERE GOING!!

I'm SO glad we did!!

We went on Saturday and they actually called it Riblet fest at Ribfest.  Saturday was geared towards the kids.  There was a race car, fire truck, ambulance and huge characters walking around.  There were hot tubs and pools set up for advertisement.  L LOVED the hot tub.  There was one with cool water and L just loved splashing in it.  There was even a huge area that had a playground and huge sand pit with bulldozers, truck, shovels and buckets.

M & G loved the bounce houses.

L loved watching them and sitting on the edge bouncing.

M was a little nervous to go up the ladder and down the slide but he did it and had a blast.

G couldn't wait to get up there.

L was passed around from his Uncle L, Aunt M, Daddy and of course me and loved all of the attention.

The boys wanted to see the big blowup stuff too so we wandered out of the kid area.  They did do one of the big obstacle courses.   M couldn't climb the hill at the very beginning so he turned around and came back out the entrance.  G got over the hill but got stuck at the top.  He was so close to being able to hoist himself up but a big group of big kids came and started stepping all over him.  A sweet girl helped push his bum up to get to the top and he came down the slide.  He wanted to wait at the bottom of the slide to wait for "his girl" to say thank you. Too sweet!

There was a huge slide that G wanted to do.  M had no desire.  As we were waiting on line with G I asked the lady at the bottom if I could go up with M.  She said yes.  M was so happy he did it.... 3x (with me, his daddy, and his uncle L).  

G was more than willing to go down by himself but I jumped on the chance of the lady saying we could take them so I yelled to Hubs to see if he wanted to go down with G.  They had a blast.  Hubs 'jumped' on it so once his bum hit the slide they bounced up.  G loved it.

Again L just stood and bounced on the edge of the blowup.  (I took his pants off because they were soaked from his 15 minutes splashing in the water.)

After doing the big slide we asked the boys if they wanted to go back to the other area.  It was getting to be the middle of the day and the place was getting packed.  They spent awhile playing on the bouncy things and then spent a good half hour doing the 'small' slide over and over and over again.

We decided to take L up too.  He LOVES the slides at the park.  Honestly he LOVES anything he sees his brothers do and he wants NO HAS to do it too!

We hadn't even started going down and look at the smile on his face already.

I love it!

Baby blinded by the sun.

He loved it so much we did it again and again and again... until I was tired of walking up the stairs and ducking down to get to the slide.