Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Air Museum

I have so many posts that I need to write up and put pictures to... As I say at the beginning of each post, I have so many photos from clients that I need to get through before I'm comfortable with going through mine... and when I'm all caught up I think, Woooo computer break :)  

I figured this would be a quick couple pictures to look through and post for ya :) 

We went to the Air Museum over the weekend.  We have been having so much fun with the boys lately.  They have begun playing games, being interested in what we say, wanting to be involved in all (ok most) aspects of all we do.  

G has been playing with his little toy plane for the last week or so.  The poor thing is totally falling apart.  The pup ate the things propellers forever ago and it doesn't have landing gear left, but G loves it.  When G is asleep and L is up he claims it as his own.  We try to get house/life stuff done on Saturdays when Hubs is home (since he's gone so many Saturdays) but we thought it would be so much more fun to actually do something other than naps and moving boxes and bringing laundry upstairs.  

The boys were so excited on our drive there.  Thankfully it was only 5 minutes because they asked every half a minute if we were there yet.  When we walked in all three boys went in different directions.  M & G went right to the gift shop but at different ends, and L strutted along saying COOL, WOW, PLANE, SPACE SHUTTLE at every plane he saw.

My 4 handsome boys.  Hubs, M on the left, G on the right and L in the middle front.

I had the pleasure of following L around.  He screamed at every plane he saw.  He was so excited.

Hubs got to take the bigs around.  He was really enjoying reading different signs and names of planes to them.  He was surprised that they actually wanted to know what the signs said.

There was a little rocker plane that L (actually all 3 boys) got to sit on and rock.

There was even a helicopter that they were allowed to 'fly'.  (This is G)

Daddy got to 'fly' L around.  I had to crop the picture so you could get a good look at the smile on L's face.

So glad we decided to walk away from our Saturday chores to go do something different.  All the boys even got to bring home a little die-cast airplane from the museum.  They have been having so much fun with them the last few days.