Sunday, July 31, 2011


Adventurous is what we were this weekend! Jon and I decided to take the boys and join our church on their first Annual Camping Trip. We went to Dingmans Ferry, PA.

When we arrived Jon quickly put up our travel baby prison. :) My (step)dad let us borrow a bunch of his camping stuff. The best thing we borrowed was his screened in kitchen tent. We used this tent as a bug free baby prison.

The babes hung out with some of the tweens and teens in the baby prison so that we could quickly set up our tent.

Even other babes joined in the prison fun :)

The boys did really great! Friday night we put them down to bed and it wasn't so easy for Mama. The babes gave us huge hugs and laid down in their pack-and-plays. They gave us smiles and then mama and dada began to walk out. WOW they were not happy with that! They screamed on the top of their lungs. I felt SO bad. I knew they were scared ... it was a new place ... new sounds ... and incredibly hot. We left them for about a minute then went back in. We told them we loved them, picked them up, and then put them back down to bed. They were already crying. They started as we bent over to put them down. As hard as it was Jon said we should leave them alone for 10/15 minutes. You see our babes WILL NOT fall asleep in our arms. EVER! I was thankful that nobody at the group camp site seemed to be bothered by it. Well, nobody but me! After about the 10/15 minutes Jon said we should wait they were asleep. I almost didn't want them to fall asleep. I was really hoping that the 16 minute mark would come and I would get to snuggle them at the camp fire. I do know that it was better for them to sleep rather than be snuggled in the buggy air.

When Jon and I decided to go to bed I was a little nervous that we were going to wake the boys up with the zipper noise. I was so happy that they didn't even budge when we stepped in the tent and climbed into bed.

In the middle of the night Jon got up to use the bathroom. I was so annoyed with him because I had to go SO bad but I didn't want to unzip the tent and possibly wake a babe. Well that and I was way too lazy to get up. haha. When Jon unzipped the tent to come back in Mic stood up and YELLED at his daddy. It was hilarious. I wish I knew exactly what he was saying to him. Jon climbed back into bed and said, shhh it's bed time go back to sleep. Mic laid back down and we didn't hear another sound from him. :)

When morning came the boys woke up happy and talked to each and tried to talk to mama and dada who were still sleeping right next to them. We were trying to ignore them so that they would stay in bed longer.

There was another gorgeous little babe in the tent next door to us. When the boys woke up and began talking he heard them and started to talk back to them. The three of them had the cutest little conversation that morning.

After the babes talked a bit I pulled them out of the pack-and-plays and I put them in the bed with us. We snuggled them and squished them and pinned them down in the bed with us for the next 30 minutes or so.

When they had enough we decided to get the dressed and brave the hot hot sun with the other families and cute little babes.

This is the boys little buddy Will. Isn't he cute.

This was the end of the ultimate Frisbee game. I'm so sad I missed the opportunity t0 take pictures of this. They had a sweaty blast.

While there were some that braved the sun running around there were others that TRIED to seek some shade and stay cool.

Cute little Will again.

Relaxed frisbee toss.
Is this little boy not so incredibly handsome. I told his mama the whole weekend that I wanted to take him home with me. He was so good with my babes too.

This is the gorgeous little babe that the boys were having a conversation with through the tent walls. This is baby Shane.

After braving the heat for a little bit we put the boys in the stroller and took a little stroll through the woods.

Where we found the river.


The boys of course found rocks. They find them where ever they go right :)

My friend Jillian and her babe Shane.

Here Shane is sitting under his Dada's feet reaching for a beautiful butterfly.

After the river we went back to the camp site.

We went into the baby prison tent to be some what covered but it was just SO hot. I loaded the babes up with sun block so many times.

A family from the church stopped by the camp site to see how we were all doing and invited us to their lake house that was only 10 or so minutes away. A bunch of us jumped on this chance and quickly packed up some things to go enjoy the coolness of the lake.

Not only was the lake so incredibly refreshing but so was yard. Half of the yard was in the shade which was wonderful because there was NO shade at the camp site. There was also so beautiful breeze here.

The boys had a blast running around in the breeze. They didn't find rock, but they did find balls.

And a frog.

Cute baby Will.

After our visit to the lake we got in the car to go back to the camp site. M & G fell asleep in the car on our way back. We were so happy that they decided to take a nap. They did take a morning nap at the camp site but once the sun hit the tent they woke up soaking wet. It was only about and hour and a half nap which was great considering that they were sleeping in the tent in a puddle of their own sweat. So when they were a sleep in the cool air conditioned car I was thrilled for them. They took another hour and a half nap. We parked the boys and left them in the car with the AC on. When they woke up we joined the other babes in the baby prison.

Where we played and blew bubbles.

When the sun began to go down a camp fire was started. It was a perfect evening. The air began to dry out and it was actually beginning to get cool.

We had a little talent show.

When the talent show was over glow sticks were passed out.

Don't worry I didn't really let my children eat glow sticks. I just really wanted a picture of the four of us so we let go of their hands for the 20 seconds it took to take the picture.

Sunday morning we began to pack up. Before we tore the tent down I wanted to get a picture of our little family. I am so sad I didn't get a picture of the inside of the tent. It was so neat to see the two pack and plays and blow up mattress. Who would've thought we would fit in there so perfectly.

After everyone was just about packed up (or at least all the tents were moved into the sun to dry off the morning dew) we had our church service.

After church we finished packing up and headed home.

As Jon continued to help others pack up I kept the boys happy in the car with the AC on and animal crackers. I think they had a blast! Once Jon got in the car we finished out last animal cracker and began to drive home. I don't think we were even a mile away from the camp site before the boys fell asleep.

Once we got home we woke the boys up brought them inside fed them lunch and gave them a nice long bath. They loved their bath. I loved their bath! I loved how soft they were again and how amazing they smelt again :) Then we put them down for a nice 4 hour nap! Fed them dinner played for about an hour and put them back to bed. Jon and I napped when they did and Jon got in bed a little after the boys went to bed. I'm just finishing this post then I'm going to bed too. Much later then I was planning...oops :)