Monday, April 30, 2012


Tomorrow is the big day.  We will be welcoming Little Man into the world sometime around 11am.  

I am so excited to be meeting him!  His birth isn't going to be exactly what I wanted, but it is what it is and I will get to hold him in my arms no matter what tomorrow.  

I had a little photo shoot that I wanted to do with the boys before baby brother was born but I haven't had a nice enough day or time or hands to do it :(.  I decided that I was going to at least attempt one of the pictures I wanted even if it was going to be done in our dark dreary house.  After dinner tonight (which was so delicious, thank you Hubby) I painted M's right hand and G's left.  Hubs and I twisted their arms and my belly enough to make a heart on baby brother.  

The boys are so excited to meet baby brother.  They go into his room every time we walk upstairs.  They push his swing.  They give my belly kisses and pats.  

They are going to love on him so much.  

I think the little heart on my belly proves that.  

40 weeks preggo and ready to meet my new little man. 

To be honest I am nervous about bringing home baby brother.  I love M & G SO MUCH.  I'm not worried that I can't love another (like I hear most 2nd time moms are) I already love more than one.  I am just nervous because I'm afraid that I won't be able to give the babe (whether it be Little Man, M, or G) the attention and time that he needs at the exact moment he needs it.  Hubs reminds me that I do it all the time with 2 already... but it hasn't changed my fears yet :)

We are asking for your prayers... I know that there are only 10 hours until my scheduled c-section, but we are still praying that he will decide to come on his own.  I would really (laugh if you please) 'like' a natural birth.

Special Day

Hubs and I wanted to do something special with M & G before baby brother is born.  I wanted to do something that would consist of a lot of walking hoping that it would help put me into labor.  It did not... but it was worth a shot. 

We took the boys to Space Farms Zoo.  Apparently I had visited there a bunch as a kid, but I didn't remember it at all.  When we pulled up we decided that we were going to leave everything in the car and just wear our sweatshirts and hats and walk.  Hubs said that if we wanted to stroller (from the looks of it) he could run back to the car and get it.  We know how much the boys love to walk so he thought we would be better with out it.  

After entering the building and paying for our visit we stepped outside to free range chickens and ducks.  

The boys had a blast 'chasing' the ducks and chickens.  They thought it was so neat that they were able to go right up to them.  


This picture grosses me out.  The tongue on that thing... ew!

The boys wanted to try out the tire swing.  

G wanted to swing so badly, but every time Hubs put him on the tire he popped up and walked away.  He was cracking up the entire time.  I think he just found it so funny that we found him so funny.  

After we finally convinced the boys to walk away from the chickens, roosters, and ducks and go look at the other animals G decided all he wanted to do was walk.  


and walk...

While G and I were walking, M and Hubs were checking out some of the animals.  

M didn't want to be too far behind Mama so he quickly looked at a few animals and then made his way towards brother and Mama.

When M finally decided that he was done looking at the animals (because G was so far ahead) he caught up and the boys just walked walked and walked together.  

It was kinda sad that we didn't look at any of the animals.  There were bear cubs that were growling and wrestling each other,   lions basking in the sun, tigers running in circles, and other animals that we just skipped over.

It's okay though.  The boys had a blast just walking... and the day was for them!  Here's Daddy pointing out a helicopter.  The boys can hear airplanes coming from so far away.  When they heard the helicopter they were so excited.  I'm not sure if they've ever seen one in person before this.  

After walking over half of the farm/zoo M saw a bench and climbed up for a little rest.  

G thought that looked like a good idea too. 

This is basically the only animal other than the chickens and ducks that the boys looked at...

a groundhog...  not so exciting huh.  haha

They went back to walking shortly after.

Until they found another....





M loves picking and blowing dandelions.  

I love the sound he makes when he does this.

Sorry buddy... the stick doesn't do anything special when you blow it. 

Daddy also decided it was time for a rest... but instead of a bench he took full advantage of the beautiful lush grass.  Once Daddy is on the floor it's free game for M & G to jump and climb on him... where ever we are. 

M & G

The farm/zoo also had an amazing museum that had Hubs and the boys in awe.  

Old antique motorcycles. 

Circus train.

Cars and trucks.

and our favorite.... TRACTORS!  They had Daddy's favorite tractor there ... I didn't get a picture of it though... too busy 'running' to keep up with the boys.

When we got back outside we got to 'chase' another duck.

The last museum that we walked through was an antique toy museum.  The boys were shrilling in delight at the old toys.  There were old ride on toy tractors, large semi truck toys, an old merry go round, dolls, cradles, etc.  They had such a blast looking at all of it.

Right outside of the toy museum was an old ride on horse.  Normally we never put quarters in these things.  The boys get a kick out of just sitting on them.  Daddy had a quarter in his pocket and decided what the heck...



It was perfect.  G was ready to get off before the horse stopped so we quick threw M on and he got to finish off the ride.  1 quarter for 2 happy boys.  

I am so happy with the day we planned.  The boys had such a wonderful time.  They enjoyed everything about the day.  I'm not sure what they liked more.  The drive to the farm/zoo because we took all farm roads and they were screaming pointing out the tractors, horses, cows, etc. or the zoo itself because they got to walk with out holding hands and had no boundaries.  

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sandbox Fun

On Saturday Hubs, the boys, and I went shopping.  We came home with a plastic pool, 6 bags of sand, a tarp, and a lot of other stuff (that has nothing to do with the 'sandbox').  Originally I wanted Hubs to make an awesome sandbox but with not knowing how long we will be in our house we aren't willing to do much that we can't 'take' with us.  This pool filled with sand covered with a tarp is absolutely perfect.  

M & G's Papa (my father) sent the boys some money for their birthday.  He originally wanted to get them a double sided easel (which I LOVED!) but I just wasn't sure where in the house I could put it.  With having to get a pack and play and a swing down in the living room and dining room area I just had no idea where I could fit the easel.  The idea of putting it in their room had fluttered by but it didn't last long (they can't have any toys in there).  So instead we decided to get some outdoor toys for the boys.  The big splurge of outdoor toys was the sandbox.

When Hubs got home from work he mowed a little square in the backyard (we didn't have time for him to mow the entire yard) and then he set the sandbox up.  The boys played in the sand for over an hour. 

G cracked us up.  When they first got in the sandbox I sat in there with them.  He stood for about a second and then quick sat on my lap.  I eventually had to get up and start dinner.  He was not a fan of being in the sand, however he LOVED playing in it.  If you look at the picture above you see his feet all curled up trying not to touch the sand.  

Or he would put one foot on the other, trying to keep as much of himself off of the sand. 

We had so much fun watching them play in the sand.  I can't wait to finish setting up our outdoor fun for the boys.  Hopefully Hubs can get the yard mowed sooner than later... but I have a huge list for him so we will see :)