Monday, October 25, 2010

Handsome Babes




See if you can see what I see. The glare makes it hard, but when they are eating is the easiest time to see...

Those are all pictures of Micaiah. Isn't he just gorgeous! Well, Mic has 1 tooth that cut through and the second bottom one has been right there for almost a week, it just hasn't cut through yet. Let me tell you, that sucker is sharp! I can't believe my baby has teeth :( Ahhh, it's going TOO fast!

Here is my Gunnar. Can you see that, 3, yes 3, teethers. Oh my goodness. They all came at the same time. Again, I can't believe my baby has teeth. It is going way TOO fast!!! Isn't he gorgeous!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brotherly Love

Gunnar and Micaiah LOVE everyone! They are so happy and don't mind being passed around from person to person. I notice that they scan the room to make sure Mama and or Dada are some where to be seen, but don't NEED to be with us.

They are doing this thing (Micaiah more than Gunnar) where they grab your face and squeeze. It really hurts, but you know that they mean it with all the love in the world. They will grab and dig their little nails in your face and pull you close for a big open mouth slobbery kiss. I love it. We do take their hands off and show them and tell them gentle, but the love behind their violent grab is just beautiful.

I was able to capture a picture of it....

Oh brother I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Geeze Micaiah, why did you have to squeeze so hard. I love you too, but COME ON!

Babies Favorite Toys ?

So I gotta ask... are the stacking cups every babes favorite toys? My guys LOVE them. They LOVE to suck on them, the love to stack them, they LOVE to knock them over, they love to hit them against eachother, they just LOVE them!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Picking

On Sunday we had the chance to go pumpkin picking. It was such a gorgeous day we had to take advantage of it. We already had a super busy day, but we could not give up such a beautiful afternoon.
I was so excited to take the boys on their first pumpkin picking trip. One of my girlfriends (Angela) made the boys these AWESOME pumpkin hats. It was so warm outside Jon almost didn't let me put the hats on the boys. I told him that I would take off their socks if they could wear their hats. He just laughed at me.
Like I said, it was a really busy day. The boys didn't nap AT ALL the entire day. Normally the boys are all smiles...they were, I just wasn't able to capture the smiles on the camera. However, I was able to capture some fun!
Daddy and his boys
One big happy family!




Mama and her boys
Sleepy Mic




The boys first experience eating dirt, YUM!

They finally said NO MORE pictures. We picked them up and started walking back to the car and guess what, haha, they were all smiles again.