Friday, October 21, 2011

12 Weeks

Today I am 12 weeks, 2 days preggo.

This pregnancy feels like it's flying by but at the same time I think, that's it...only 12 weeks.

Today I had my 13 week ultrasound. Not sure why it was at 12 weeks and not 13, but I'm not complaining. I got to see my little babe.

Hub was able to get home in time to eat lunch with the boys and drive to the appointment with us. So awesome!

The boys did a great job at the ultrasound. They were a little nervous when the tech started, they didn't want their mama to get hurt, but they relaxed when they saw the 'tv'. They were so excited to see the tv. I know they weren't excited to see the baby on the tv, they don't get it yet, but I pretended :)

The tech even gave the boys their own pictures of the baby in the belly. I thought that was really special.

I think this baby looks just like the boys did when they were in my belly. I know a lot of people think all ultrasounds look alike, but I've seen friends ultrasound pictures and their baby looks so different. Maybe it's just an attachment thing, but I really think babies look different. We were shocked at how much we think this babe looks like the boys did.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rice Explorations

I've been trying to do one (different) thing a day with the boys. There are all these great ideas out there on what to do with your toddler. I would love to try all those things but some of them just aren't practical to do with two toddlers at the same time.

For example... Rice Explorations. Going into this I knew that it would be so much better if there was one adult with each child, but there aren't. Not during the day anyway. So I said, suck it up and just do it. So what, you are going to have to clean up a bit of a mess. It's going to be fun.

I pulled out two pots, two cooking spoons, four measuring cups and a bag of rice. If I was going to do this with one toddler I would have pulled out a cookie sheet to work on top of, but I knew there was no way I was going to be able to contain the rice with two boys.

I put the pots on the ground and gave the boys their spoons and cups. They then watched me pour the rice into the pots. They were so giddy. Their squeals were just so cute.

This is what happened next -

M transferring rice from measuring cup to measuring cup.

G stirring his rice with his cooking spoon.

G feeling the texture of the rice.

G loving this activity.

M checking out the texture of the rice.

G decided he wanted to take his pot to the table. I was going to let them work there, but the table is so tall compared to their chairs and I just thought that it would be uncomfortable for them.
M thought it was SO FUN!

They even helped Mommy clean up.

We had a blast exploring with the rice. What fun thing can I do tomorrow??? Any ideas?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Babes are now BOYS!

The babes and I went and got our pictures taken back in July. I really have to stop calling them babes. They are getting SO big. So I will rephrase... The BOYS and I went and got our pictures taken back in July.

YUP! That's right! We are expecting #3!! We are so excited! Terrified! Thrilled!

The morning I found out Hubs mom was here visiting. I told her I am sorry but the babes boys and I have a secret mission that we have to get done before Hubs gets home from work. I felt really bad, and yes it would have been easier having another set of hands, but this was a mission for just Mommy and the babes boys.

On our way to get our pictures taken I stopped at CVS to buy some lipstick. I was thinking about bright red, but then thought about my boys and my skin. We are so pale and I wasn't sure red would look so good on our bellies. So I went with a neutral copper. I'm happy with the color I chose.

When the babes boys and I got to the picture place I told them I wanted just one photo. This was going to be how I tell my husband I'm pregnant. They thought it was a cute idea. They have done it before where the older child is wearing a 'Big Brother' shirt. I had thought about that, but thought that it was ordinary. Of course I want to get those shirts when the new babe comes :)

After about 10 minutes I asked the girl if she thought she got a good enough picture because my arms were dead. She laughed and said, yup I think we got it.

Remember how I said I wanted only one. I left with all the above. I just couldn't decide which picture Hubs would like best.

His mom went out with my mom so I had the house to myself when he got home. Which was perfect! I put all of the pictures in frames and I set them up on the kitchen counter. When he walked in he said, oh cute, you guys got your pictures taken today. Wait, why do you all have numbers on your belly. (Honestly I didn't think that he wouldn't get it right away...we were hoping this would happen soon). Finally he said, OH WHAT, REALLY?!!

We were impatiently waiting for my first ultra sound. When I was pregnant with the boys we told our family and friends the week or the week after we found out. I wasn't ready to do that this time. I wanted to have the answer to the question that I knew people would ask right away. How many?

At my 8 week appointment I packed the boys up with snacks and treats hoping that they would be on their best behavior during my special appointment. They sat so happily in their stroller while I was having my ultrasound. The doctor made me laugh. She said, I hope there is only one this time.

I was prepared to hear that there were two. That's what I know. I know two. It's normal (for me).

I'm sitting on the table for what felt like forever. She was looking at the screen and finally said, there's only one, OH wait. Hold on.... Oh ok, there's only one. There was a second yolk sac but only one baby. She looked around for a bit just to make sure that the 2nd baby wasn't there.

It was odd. With my first pregnancy the same thing happened. There were three yolk sacs, but only 2 babies. I guess my body just wants to be extra sure that there will be at least one babe.

It was sad to hear once again that the other baby wasn't there. My mom was so sweet about it. She said, honey I know that you are wishing that there were two after she saw the second sac, but honey you deserve the chance to have one baby at a time.

As awesome as it would be to have multiples again, I am thrilled that I am going to have a singleton. Especially since the boys are only going to be 2 years and 2 months when this little babe is born. I know 1st hand how much time it takes to nurse two babies, change two babies diapers, give two babies a bath, do everything in double. I was most nervous that I would push M and G to grow up fast because they are now big brothers. Knowing that there is only one baby growing in my belly I feel like I will still be able to allow my big babes to be babes. Thinking about the possibility of multiples I was becoming concerned that I would miss out on the boys. I knew I would never let them miss out on me, but I was afraid I would miss out on them. That I would make it look like I was there, but not actually be there.

We are looking forward to my 13 week ultrasound in 2 weeks. Hubs wasn't able to come to the first one so I know he can't wait to see the little babe.

10 Weeks
This was taken during the middle of last week.

Melts My Heart!

My boys LOVE each other and that melts my heart!

Friday, October 7, 2011


The boys have started to love coloring. They still like to eat the crayons but they also like to actually put some colors on the paper.

Last night the boys saw the crayons on the buffet and asked to color. I pulled out some paper and we sat at their little blue table. Daddy was home too so we both added some color to the papers too.

G decided that the paper wasn't the only thing that needed some color. He thought the wall would look good with some red cuteness. (Do you like his shiner. They climb the stairs now when it's nap time or bed time. The other night they had on footsy pajamas that are a size too big and he kept slipping on the steps. I kept my hand on his bum and guided him up the stairs. When we got to the top stair I must have pushed his bum a little too high because he face planted on the landing. He had an immediate egg. Poor thing!)

We even had a little ice cream treat while coloring. I'm sure you can tell by M's mouth.

After lunch today G saw the crayons on the table and said color, paper.
Look at how intense G is looking at his artwork.
M proud of his work.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Mistake!

My babes put EVERYTHING in their mouths! They are big chewers of anything they find. Well that's not true. Anything they find on the floor in the house (fuzz, paint chip, bug, etc.) they pick up and bring over to the closest adult. They are great at not putting that kind of stuff in their mouths. BUT, books, toys, rocks, crayons those types of things go right in.

I have been wanting to make playdoh for a while now. They played with the real stuff at the church nursery over the summer. I wasn't a huge fan, but I wasn't going to tell them no. I was just hovering the whole time. Of course it went in their mouths. I was able to catch it most of the time but YUCK!

I finally decided I was going to try the recipe I had found online a long time ago. I read through it just to make sure I had everything. YUP, I got it all. So I began the process. As I was adding the ingredients I came across one I couldn't find. Cream of tarter. Come on, I know I have it. I use it a bunch when I bake... where in the world is it. NONE!! I have NO idea where my 2 little tins were. I must have left them in my moms pantry when we moved out of there and came back home. UGH!

I had already added all of the wet ingredients to the dry. So I couldn't just bag up the dry and save until I could run to the store and pick up some cream of tarter. I decided to just keep plugging along.

I'm glad I did. I divided the batch into two plastic bags. I zipped them closed and added a strip of duct tape for good measure.

After the babes and I ate breakfast I thought that we would play with the (what I'm calling) "squish bags".

They loved them! Well M LOVED them! G liked them.

G inspecting the tape.
M has been a real ham with the camera lately and gives these cheesy smiles.
M squishing.
and squishing...
and loving every squish.
G had fun with it if I squished it and then told him to squish it. He just didn't think it was all that entertaining.
M was thrilled G didn't really care about it
and decided it would be ok for him to take both squish bags.

M trying to find a place to sit with both bags.
G was more interested in my camera.
M took the bags to the corner of the living room to play.

Then he decided he wanted to get on the chair. Once on the chair he asked for the blanket. Is he not the cutest!
During our play time this morning we were dancing and singing. Mommy got really crazy and did the Michael Jackson 'OW'. Not the move! Just the yell and threw my hands up in the air. Both boys looked at me like I just hurt myself. I guess that's what I get for yelling ow. After I did it a couple of more times they started giggling. I told them to do it. Here is M doing it on the chair with his squish bags.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nice Surprise

Hubs got home from work early today!

Wednesdays are always a long day. Normally we don't get to see him AT ALL. He goes to work before we wake up and he gets home after we (well at least the babes) are in bed. After work he goes straight to Youth Group, sometimes he might get a chance to pop in but home is almost 30mins past church on his way home and often doesn't have the chance to get here and if he does get here the boys are either taking their afternoon nap or they just woke up. If they just woke up they get so frustrated and sad that he was home for 20 seconds and then left.

The last few Wednesdays he has been working at a job site and is home before 5. Today he was home just before 4.

Since he was home so early and it was just a beautiful day I asked him if he wanted to go to the farm or to the park. He said, why would we go to the farm. DUH! It's October. I want to at least walk the pumpkin fields... and I would like to do it NOT on a Saturday when it is so incredibly packed.

He opted for the park. He asked if we could bring Jersey with us. It was hard to get any pictures having two 18mth olds and a dog... but I got a few. :)

G was so excited that Jersey got to come with us that he was running along with him.
M was happy staying back with me.
M was carrying a large ball and had a hard time running with Daddy and G. He did a pretty good job keeping up though.
That's when the ball didn't distract him.
We did a whole bunch of walking on the track and on the grass. The boys walked us all the way up to the playground. We tied Jersey up to a tree right next to the playground and played for a little bit. We climbed the steps, went down the slide (thousands of times), and drove the 'car'.

On our way back to the car Daddy found a stick and tried to get Jersey to take it. He had no desire but G thought it would be a great walking stick. Every time he put it down on the ground M tried to grab it out of his hand.

After a little bit G dropped the stick and helped Daddy walk Jersey. M picked up the stick and swung it around and around (scaring me to death) until we got to the car.