Wednesday, May 30, 2012

L is 4 weeks

To be more specific... he's not sleeping 5 hour stretches... it's more like 3-4, closer to 4.  The 1st hour I am nursing, burping, changing, burping (because he swallows A LOT of air), burping, sometimes changing again and or nursing again depending on the burps I get :)  Then he sleeps for the next (close to) 4.  So that's where the "5 hours" on the photo comes from.

I'm loving how these photos are turning out.  I have already seen such a change in him when I look back and scroll through the 2-4 week pictures.  I'm so glad I decided to do this.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We spent just about the entire weekend outside.  The boys LOVED it!

We were finally able to put water in the water table.  

The boys spent (literally) hours pouring water from cup to cup.  

We also brought out a sprinkler.  Hubs put it on the ground to get ready to put the hose in it and G found it, picked it up, and added it to the water table.  

Daddy was able to fish the sprinkler out of the water table and hook it up to the hose.  

 We even took out a little babe pool after our nap.  I took a lot of cute picture of the boys in the pool, but they wore their big boy bottoms in the pool and I didn't really think I should post those.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

L is 3 Weeks

I know people say all the time, "Don't wake a sleeping baby!".  I DO!  I always woke M & G for feedings and I do the same with L.  Before I woke him up for this feeding I had to take a picture of his sweet little face snuggling his giraffe.  

Yes I am one of those annoying people that post a ridiculous abundance of photos of her kids.  I did it and still do it with M & G.  Sadly I can't get nearly as many good ones anymore as I would like to of M & G because they are always on the go.  Thankfully I have a new munchkin to torture :)  

Today I had the chance to spend some alone time with L.  The boys went down for a nap and L woke up for his feeding.  I fed him and then laid him down on the floor to have some one on one playtime.  It was so nice to not have to worry about 'absent minded' toddlers possibly stepping on the nuggets head.

I love this picture.  He doesn't do it nearly as much as even just last week, but he (like most newborns... I think) completely crosses his eyes.  I think it's the cutest face when he does that. 

I can't believe how blue his eyes are already.  I don't remember M & G's eyes turning blue quite this quickly... but I have a horrible memory so they may have.

Busy busy busy

On Saturday we played outside with the boys for almost 2 hours.  Afterwards they took a really good nap.  During their nap I cleaned.  I had lots of laundry to do, dishes to wash, and toys to pick up.  All just from 1 day.  Ouy :)  While I was picking up the toys I decided to put away all of the younger toys and throw some away.  I have a big trunk in the hallway (not an ideal place.. but we have no room in our attic right now) so I put all of the little boy toys in there.  I figured I could pull some out here and there because the boys do still like to play with them and they are also close by for when Little Man can start playing with them.  

When the boys woke up we took them to Walmart and did some food shopping and play shopping.  We used one of their gift cards from their birthday to purchase a water table.  I thought I would use that more during the day than the baby pool.  I think I would rather save the baby pool for when Daddy is home.  

After shopping we took the boys to a hamburger hotdog ice cream place.  We had so much fun eating outside with the boys and allowing them to have their own 'baby' ice cream cone.    

On Sunday we took the boys to Touch a Truck.  One of the local rotary clubs holds this yearly.  I heard about it and I was so excited to take the boys.

Touch a Truck has all different types of trucks that the kids can get in and 'operate'.  There were cranes and cherry pickers.  The kids could get harnessed into the cherry picker bucket and go up and down.  We didn't even ask the boys if they wanted to try this.  Although they probably would have LOVED to do it.

There were semi trucks.  The boys were able to 'drive' the truck and pull the horn.

There were front loaders, bull dozers, excavators, and many more construction vehicles.

Kids were allowed to lift the buckets up and down on some of the trucks.  We didn't have the boys do that either.  They had just as much fun using the levers on the trucks that didn't have keys in them.

A helicopter even landed during the event.  The boys were so much fun to watch while the helicopter was touching down.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of their faces... it was so hard to take any pictures.  I'm actually embarrassed at how horrible the pictures came out.  Owell.. that's what happens when you are holding a 2 week old because he is soaking wet from sweat from sitting in his car seat and building up his lungs by screaming as loud as he possibly could.  The second I picked him up out of his stuffy seat he was happy as could be and fell asleep within seconds.  I draped a light blanket over him to keep him out of the sun and we went about the afternoon ... glad he's so tiny .. he was so easy to carry.

There were a whole bunch of fire trucks and ambulances.  The boys were allowed to sound the sirens and honk the horns.

There were sanitation trucks, buses, fire rescue boat, jeeps, and so much more.

When we were all done exploring the trucks we sat on a bench, drank some water ate some fruit snacks and puffs all while staring at the lake watching the ducks plunge in and out of the water.

I was so impressed with Hubs during the day.  He was a trooper.  By the end of the event he was exhausted.  He had to lift the boys up and down and up and down into the truck and chase them all around the fields.  He had a blast, but was exhausted!

After coming home and everyone taking a 2 hour well deserved nap we went outside to play some more.

The boys helped Daddy put the water table together and then had fun playing in it.

They liked playing with it even without water.

Hubs said he'd be upset if he wasn't there the first time we put water in it.  I told him I think he had nothing to worry about... it is suppose to rain all week.

Again... this is what happens when you take pictures with one hand... dark and not completely in focus.

G liked the table so much.  He thought it would be even cooler if he could climb in.

Makes me wonder what they are going to do with the table once there is water in it.

We had such a fun weekend!  So incredibly busy, but FUN!

Monday, May 14, 2012

My Subject

I did my 'final' photo shoot of L yesterday.  I'm taking a little break from torturing this cute little babe.  For now anyway....

L - 12 Days Old

This is not what this picture was suppose to turn out to be.  I was attempting that cute little chin on the hands photo where you have to take two different photos and clip them together.  Well, Hubs could not get L's chin to rest on his hands no matter what way he held his head... so this is what we got.  I'm not really a fan of the picture.  I actually wouldn't even post it if he wasn't wearing this hat that my girlfriend made.  

 I LOVE baby feet!

I couldn't get him to sleep for any of the pictures.  Whatever I tried, he just wouldn't fall asleep.  Which was so funny, because he has been so sleepy lately.  Of course when I was all done and I swaddled him up for his nap he went right out.  I had to take a picture of him peacefully sleeping.

I have so many ideas of pictures I want to take of the 3 boys together... but I don't think that's going to happen.  M & G love L so much, but they are SO rough with him.  I don't think I can trust them to sit or lay with him without hurting him.  He's already been squeezed and walloped pretty hard by them (through love of course) that I don't want to put L in that situation.