Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cake celebration

I have some crumby pictures of their (day of) celebration.

I made the boys personal birthday cakes.

Hubs likes to call me granolaE or crunchy...which I laugh at, because that is TOTALLY not me!

Anyway, I did not want their cake to be full of sugar or butter or anything not....perfectly...ugh let's say....healthish... for them. So I made an applesauce cake with a no sugar frosting.

The frosting was so runny due to the no sugar, but it wasn't too bad.

Micaiah dove right in. He put his hand in his and then crawled right over to Gunnars. Gunnar was NOT thrilled with the frosting. He grabbed at it and put it in his mouth, but once it touched anywhere other than his hands or mouth he would scream. He accidentally put brushed his leg past it and he SCREAMED. It was cute.


After cake time we decided to plop them into the tub diaper and all.

The bath water quickly turned the color of their neon diapers due to the neon cake frosting.





I was at a bad angle to get pictures of Micaiah in the bath. The hubs was on the other side with the video camera and I just couldn't get around him... well I could, but I would have had to walk too far away from the tub which scared me.

Getting Ready

As I was going through the pictures I have of the boys birthday party I came across this one. Last Friday, I took a personal day. I was hoping that by taking the day I would get a lot done for the party. However, I also scheduled the boys 1 year Well Check for that day. So of course I got NOTHING done for the party. Opps. For about 15 minutes I decided I was going to plop the boys down on the ground in front of the TV to watch a little Yo Gabba Gabba. When I looked over to see if they were still ok, this is what I saw. SO CUTE!! 1 year well check update- Micaiah - 21lbs (30%), 30 1/4 inches (50%) Gunnar- 21lbs13oz (45%), 30 3/4 inches (75%)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

1 Has Come!

The boys birthday and birthday party has come and gone. I can't belive that my babies are now entering toddlerhood. I HATE IT!

Jon is loving every second and every change. Me on the other hand is hating all the changes.

I hear people say all the time, "I can't wait for ____ to walk, or crawl"...or whatever milestone they are about to meet. I'm the total opposite. I want my babies to stay my babies.

Don't get me wrong, I love that my boys are growing and getting stonger everyday...I just wish they could stay little forever!

Jon and I decided there was NO way we were going to have a big 1st birthday party. COME ON NOW! What a waste of money. Why?!?! HAHA Well all of a sudden, we realized we were having a big 1st birthday party. Opps!

We have SO many loving, thoughtful, amazing people in our lives that it was impossible to not invite all of them.

Here are some pictures from the party. (I was so excited to take pictures of EVERYTHING set up before people arrived. I was a bit late, hopefully none of the guest realized, but I didn't get nearly as many pictures of what I wanted).

I made M and G water bottles.

Their Happy 1st Birthday banner was handmade.

Dessert Table

Food Table
Clown bean bag toss.
I really wanted this party to be kid and parent friendly. I hate going to parties and seeing parents with young children not being able to join or enjoy the party becuase they are chasing after their tot. I 1/3 of the church gym turned into a kid friendly area. I even got two AWESOME girls from youth group to come and 'hang' out with us.
Along with the clown bean bag toss there was a little blow up obstacle coarse that we bought the boys for their birthday. It is the size of a medium baby blow up pool. In the pool area there are plastic balls and then a slide to get out. The little kids loved it!
I also had an area for the babies. I hate going to places where I can't put the babies down. Of course I know I'm not the norm, I have to hold two. I laid out a HUGE fuzzy blanket and brought some of the boys toys from home. (I wish I had a picture of that, it was so cute!) I was so glad to see that parents used it.
For the little bit older kids I had a craft table. My helpers went around and asked the kids if they wanted to make a craft. The crafts came out so cute.

Gunnar enjoying his party!
I made these awesome bow ties for the boys and Daddy. I also had one for myself. Rather than a bow tie for myself, I made it into a headband. They were so cute. Can you guess what we are going to be wearing on our next photo shoot :).
I sadly didn't take many pictures during the party either :(

The boys chairs and cake all ready for them!

Micaiah taking his first taste....

Gunnar taking his first taste....

Enjoy the rest of the cake pictures. :)

Mommy (with her bowtie), Daddy, and the boys.

Uncle Jimmy too impatient to wait for his own slice of cake...

Uncle Jimmy stealing cake from Gunnar too.

The boys with their god parents - Andrew & Katie

The boys with their god parents - Jason & Jillian

Gunnar and his Mama

Micaiah and his Mama

The boys LOVED their cake. Micaiah ate almost half of it. He would have continued to eat, but mean old mommy decided to take it away.
I was really hoping that they would be a MESS. They ate their cake very neatly. Especially Gunnar. He seems to not care for get messy.

There was a lot of clean up to do after the party. While cleaning, Gunnar was very happy to play in his new blowup obstacle coarse.

When we got home we put the boys right down to bed. The next night we finally had a chance to open some presents. The boys only lasted long enough to open one. They weren't that into it. They liked the tissue paper the best.

Micaiah playing with one of his gifts.