Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby Cookies

When I make hubs cookies I always try to make the babes cookies. I don't really care for them to have the not so good for you cookies that we eat.

These baby cookies are made out of the iron fortified baby cereal that babes are suppose to eat. A lot of babes give up eating that cereal (so I've been told) when they start eating big people food and Mama's want to continue to get it in their babes some how and Mama's have boxes left over and don't know what to do with it...and this is how some do it. My babes DON'T have a problem eating the baby cereal. Actually they have a HUGE warm bowl every morning with cinnamon and raisins. Or I make it cold with cut up bananas. They LOVE their morning cereal.

Or if you have a sweet little girl you can make her precious little heart shaped cookies and serve one on a gorgeous pink plate.
But in my case, I make big 'ol dino cookies so I can hear the babes roar as they eat them.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gettin Stuff Done!

This weekend hubs and I have been trying to get stuff done around the house. We just moved back into our house and we need to un-stage it. The house was so cute. Now, NOT so much! There are tubs and boxes and junk everywhere!

I tried to get a bunch done during the week when hubs was at work but honestly I only worked hard on Monday. I was so proud of myself Monday afternoon. I thought to myself, wow I got a lot done. By the time hubs got home I looked around and said to myself, I thought I got a lot done, but now it looks like nothing was done. :( After Monday's disappointment I had no motivation to get much done the rest of the week.

Our goal for the weekend is to organize the attic. HOTTTT!!! After putting the boys down for their morning nap we made our way up into the attic. I am a PACK RAT!! I feel horrible when I throw things away, but hubs helped me understand that it needs to be done! Since we are hoping to move we want to have a head start on the packing. We want to have the attic, closets, garage basically packed up sooner than later.

After working a while in the attic the babes decided that they didn't want Mommy and Daddy to work up there. I guess we were making too much noise above their room. After a couple snuggles quick we laid them back down and they 'rested' for another 30 minutes.

Hubs decided he would run outside and quick mow. While he was mowing I blew up a baby pool. Then he took a little mow break so we could set up our baby cage.

When the babes woke up I brought them out to the baby cage and we watched daddy finish mowing. Then enjoyed some pool time.

We decided that since the boys didn't sleep well during their morning nap that we would work in the garage instead of the attic. Hubs brought his bike out of the garage during the babes afternoon nap so we wouldn't bump into it.

When the babes woke up Daddy's bike was 0n the side yard. The babes LOVE motorcycles. They were squealing and wouldn't let us walk past the bike without them checking them out. Uncle Jimmy stopped by so he let them 'ride'.

New hats!

Would this not be a great advertisement for this hat?!? How cute!

We LOVE these hats! They are so perfect for everyday wear. The boys even ask to wear them in the house. When they do decide to take them off I can fold the bill in half and stick it in my back pocket, or throw it in the diaper bag without worrying that I am going to ruin the shape of the hat.

I found these hats on accident. I wanted to buy a cute ball cap type hat for the boys for WHENEVER they are outside. We gotta keep their bald little heads free from sunburn! I was looking online to find hats. I went to Baby Gap, Carters, all different online shops. Then I did a google search and came up with these. I thought how PERFECT! They even have sun protection. How could I go wrong. Not just that but they were less expensive then any other ones I found that didn't have the protection quality.

They have this particular hat in men's and women's size too. I think I might have to get us all matching ones. hehe

Friday, August 19, 2011

Photo Shoot at the Park

After spending some time at the park yesterday I thought it would be fun to go back and do a mini photo shoot. The boys are SO hard to photograph lately. They are always on the move. An awesome friend of mind came with us and chased the boys around in order to get them to smile. She would put one where I wanted then run to get the other and put him where I wanted. Of course during that time the one that was already where I wanted would get up and run off. I think I got a few good shots though.

M & G











Thursday, August 18, 2011

Break in the Rain

It has been raining ALL week. Wednesday was a beautiful day, but I just had no bravery in me to venture out with the babes all on my own so we stayed in. Today we were suppose to go to the zoo but the weather man called for thunderstorms all day. We stayed home and began to get a little antsy. One of my friends that was also going to go to the zoo said she was going to go to the park since the weather man was wrong and there was no storming. She was going to go to a great park but it is ALWAYS a mad house. I asked her if she wanted to come out to us and go to our park. Yes it's OURS! :) I love the park by my house.

My friends little girl Miss M.
G - his hat made it hard to see his cute little face.
Miss M
G - wanting to ride the motorcycles
M - wanting to get on the swivel chair. He LOVED this chair. I put him in it and he held on with this HUGE open mouth smile.
G - on the motorcycle
M - on the motorcycle
Miss M
Miss M
G going through the tunnel
M going through the tunnel
M on the swings... looking at....
G on the swing... looking at... M on the swing :)
M, G, Miss M
G decided he wanted to go walk around instead of playing on the playground

M decided to go join brother

Miss M wasn't too far behind.

Miss M rolling down the hill

Searching for rocks... what else is new
Look Mommy, look what I found.

Mommy, I found one too!
We started to get REALLY hot and a bit blotchy that we decided to go to the picnic tables for some water and apple straws.

We had such a wonderful time with Little Miss M and her Mama! They were such a great help! Miss M is old enough to be able to do a lot of the park things 'on her own' so her mama would put her on the motorcycle and then step to the side to put one of the babes on the motorcycle and hold him there until he was done. What a treat! I am so glad that we got a chance to get out of the house and enjoy some sunlight with some friends.

After getting home the babes and I had another bottle of water and sat on the rocking chair together and watch a little show. I don't often let the tv turn on when they are awake. They are awake so little that I want them doing things, learning things while they are awake. However after such a hot long trip to the park it was just SO NICE to snuggle on the chair with my boys before putting them down for a nap. (The only way they snuggle is if I put on a little show).

Just for fun, I gotta tell you that I put the boys down for a nap at 4:30/4:45 and hubs got home around 6:30. He said, wow they are still asleep? I said yup, they had a busy day. The next thing we know, hubs and I looked at the clock and it was 8:30. Needless to say we decided to wake them up, feed them some breakfast for dinner, play for a few minutes, and smooch them before putting them back in bed.