Saturday, October 31, 2009

Did We or Didn't We?

More sex talk...
Yesterdays appointment went so fast. The last two we had with this place it felt like we were at the movies. Anyway onto what you really want to know...NO...we did not find out the sex of the babies. We did get two pretty cute pictures though
Here is a 4D picture of Baby A. He/She had his/her feet and hands covering his/her face. You can't really see his/her hands but you can see the super cute little feet.

Here is a picture of Baby B. FINALLY!! This is the first time we were able to get a picture of Baby B. Every other ultrasound we've had they haven't printed the pictures because he/she has been a jumping bean and the pictures haven't been clear enough to print. Look at him/her all snuggled up.
We have another ultrasound in two weeks. The next one will actually be two hours long. They will measure all of the body parts and fun stuff like that. Keep you posted :)

Friday, October 30, 2009


...Oh come on...get your mind out of the gutter... I'm not talking about that kind of sex :P

So, today we have another ultrasound. We LOVE that we get to have soooo many ultrasounds. It is so amazing to see these little stinkers moving about and see how they change so quickly.

Let's talk about sex now. I told Jon that I don't want to know if we are having boys or girls. This is always something that I wanted to wait for until the baby (now babies) are born. This has Jon going nuts. He has known since the first time we talked about having a family (8yrs ago) that I would want to wait to find out their sex.

Well, he never thought I was serious. You see I am soooo incredibly impatient. If somebody knows something I don't drives me insane. The second Jon tells me he got me a present I don't stop bothering him until he gives it to me. I mean come on now, we finish opening Christmas presents and I say, what did you get me for my birthday? Half the time he doesn't wait the 4 days till my birthday before letting me open it. I think part of my impatience is fed from my amazing husband. He will d anything to make and keep me happy. If he says we are going to do something special tomorrow and I can’t find out until then...he normally gives in before tomorrow and tells me what it is...because I am a nuisance!

I haven't wavered about this. Being the good wife that I am I did tell him that he could find out what we are having (I don’t want him to..because I would probably ask him everyday what they are). He said there is no way that he could hold that secret in. He said that he would most likely tell me before I even asked him. I, of course want to know, but I still want to wait until B-day. Every time we go to an ultrasound Jon asks if we can find out what they are. Every time he wears me down just a little bit…don’t tell him I said so :)

I think it bothers Jon not because he really wants to know (I mean he does), but I think it’s more the fact that I’m not being a terd about finding out. It does bother me that the doctors and the ultrasound techs know, but they don’t live with me…..

Last time we had an ultrasound, he said, if we find out we could go shopping for the babies…he thought my love for shopping would change my mind. It didn’t. This morning, I asked Jon if we could go to the baby store after the appointment. He said you know my stipulation. I said, Jon whether they are boys or girls they still need cribs and a changing table.

Check in later for some new pictures of the stinkers ... and maybe some sex news :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


No, don't worry, I'm not sick. However, being a first grade teacher puts me next to little germ infested gremlins all day long. My school nurse has been amazing. She calls me up in my classroom daily to tell me new illnesses in our school. Just this week I have had 2 out with Strep and 2 out with 'flu' like symptoms...(not including the dozens that are out in other classes and grades) and it's only Wednesday.
Here is my dilema...Swine Flu shot...should I or should I not??? I already got my Seasonal Flu shot (I have been getting it for 3 years so was just conmfortable going ahead and doing it again.) Anyway, back the the H1N1 shot, so many people tell me I must...and so many tell me DO NOT. Carrying twins already puts me in the 'high risk' category. Getting sick for any pregnant person would be bad...and H1N1 is hitting a lot of pregnant ladies and causing problems. OF course I am also thinking, is the vaccine itself going to cause a problem...

...scary.....?????????????????????? what to do, what to do

Monday, October 26, 2009

Baby Bump

Well I thought I would share some baby bump pictures. When we first found out we were expecting we decided we were going to take baby bump pictures weekly. Well not wanting to smile for the camera makes it hard to take weekly pictures. Don't laugh at my fake smile...I can't wait to feel like I can smile for real again...I know, I know...get over it and just smile.

Six weeks

Eight weeks

Now...18 weeks.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Smore Kitchen

The kitchen renovation was a spur of the moment decision. We have been talking about what and how we would do the kitchen. Then on Labor Day we decided to go to SEARS and see what kind of sales they had going on. Of course before I planted the seed in Jon I looked at several different websites to check sales. We decided in the car on the way, that we were definetly going to purchase new appliances. The advacado green oven we had was only 26 inches. Which when you like to cook and bake the 26 inches is very discouraging. Anyway, when we were discussing (on our 25minute :) drive) we decided that the only updating to the kitchen was going to be the appliances and the shaving of some cabinets to be able to fit a 28 inch oven. We already knew we were expecting twins...not just double the cuteness, double the fun, but double the expenses...eek. WELL, we easily picked out our fridge and our dishwasher. However, when we were picking out our oven...there weren't (AREN'T) any that would fit in our opening. So wandering around the appliances taking some more time to talk we decided that we would just figure it out. Some how we would make a 30 inch oven fit into a 28 inch opening.
After coming back home and looking at our kitchen appliances Jon figured out that we could not shave the cabinets to get 30 inches. Me, quietly freaking out, was looking at the cabinets and pointed out several other areas we could maybe? shave down. Jon was sooo excited that it was possible and that we didn't have to move the kitchen sink plumbing...that would have been a headache. Well, after cutting more than one cabinet we decided we had to either sand and restain the cabinets or paint them. We went with painting because we thought it would go much faster. Also, I was scared that the kitchen was going to be so dark, because we had to get new counter tops and went with black. Cutting all of the cabinets made the counter tops not fit correctly. After we decided we had to get new counter tops and paint the cabinets, we couldn't just leave the floor the way it was and since we are tiling the floor why would we leave the old backsplash. Oh, and hey Jon, can we put a new sink in the kitchen, oh and the kitchen bathroom...hmm what else could we do. Oh could you build me a butcher block like table and ....hmm I'm sure I can think of more for you to do. Hahaha
Here's a quick recap in pictures. :)

Advacado green appliances waiting for garbage :( ..... :D

Shaving/cutting cabinets.
Painted cabinets. After we decided to paint the cabinets Jon said, do you want your antique white? I was sooo suprised (he doesn't like white cabinets in kitchens). I told him how worried I was about our kitchen looking so dark and without a problem he said let's go white. He loves do I. Tiling the floor. If I remember correctly I was on my knees tiling/grouting for 3 nights straight....all while being pregnant with twins...yes I will probably bring this up often when we do house jobs :) We went to work and came home every night to work on the should see the amount of shows on our DVR.

Completed tiled floor, painted cabinets, and installed counter top.

Appliances are in and the backsplash is complete.

I asked Jon if we could sell our dining room furniture. I wanted to make more room for two babies. Of course he said sure. Well it sold in a week or maybe it was two. After we sold it I told Jon we could put the table from the kitchen in the dining room and we would just have to buy a hutch. Well we decided to go to a furniture store....and....

Sorry it's so dark! We decided to get a different table. This one has a leaf, which I really wanted...going from a dining room table that could fit 8 to a table that only fit 4, I felt like we needed to go in between. The other half of the dining room is going to be used as "floor time" for the babies. We will put in a white fluffy carpet...yes white..get over it. We will also get a little bookshelf for toys and such.
This isn't done yet, but I thought I would show you the sink Jon made. We had a small wall sink in here. We decided to do a pedistal sink...well our plumbing comes out of the we couldn't do the pedistal. Jon made the base for the basin from the pedistal sink and we returned the pedistal. I think he did a GREAT job.

New To This World

Seeing as a lot of my friends and family have blogs, I thought I should venture that way. Knowing me, I will not keep it up to date.

Seeing as there is a lot going in our lives I thought it would be fun to share with everyone.

The biggest news is that Jon and I are expecting our first family addition. We are going to get two new members to our family sometime in March. Yup, that's right...if you need confirmation...we are (I am) pregnant with twins. We never thought that we would wait so long before starting a family, I guess since we did it was about time for an instant family. We are so excited about the upcoming adventures we will be experiencing and can't wait to share them with you.

Baby A is on the left. Baby B on the right. Baby B is always a jumping bean during his or her pictures haven't come out too great yet. Can't wait to get a clear one of Baby B.

The next big news (big for us anyway) is that we have been renovating our kitchen. We started Labor Day weekend and have been working EVERY day since. When we moved into our house 2 1/2 years ago we did some 'inexpensive' updates...we decided it was time to get rid of out advacodo green kitchen appliance.

I find it very funny that this is the only picture I have of our kitchen. This was during our inspection before we bought the house...but it will do