Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MN Zoo Trip

It has been so long since I blogged.  I'm keeping busy growing my photography business.  I have been having several shoots a month.  I'm really kinda proud of myself.  From where I have come to where I can see myself's pretty cool.

Anyway, I've been putting my family's pictures on hold to work on other peoples pictures.  I finally just took a folder out and decided to post them before fall turns into winter.  I still have some summer photos to post.  

Hubs and I take turns with the camera when we are on little day trips.  I refuse to not be in some of the pictures.  So quite often I switch the camera onto automatic so Hubs can take pictures too.  He does a really good job when it's on manual, it just takes him a while and in a situation like this zoo he (and probably I) would have missed the pictures.  

G in green and M in blue.

L loved EVERYTHING about the zoo!!

He talked to the fish for like 20 minutes.

The zoo had a playground that all the boys thoroughly enjoyed.

I love L's faces as he explores the slide and goes down all by himself.  I had to include all the pictures.

He had so much fun he had to do it again.

This time even less help was needed.

We had so much fun at the zoo.  We stayed at a hotel in the cities and had a blast at the pool, which included a water slide.  The big boys did such a great job swimming and went down the slide non stop. I will post those pictures (hopefully) soon.