Friday, March 29, 2013

Monster Truck Party (3rd Birthday Party)

Those of you that know us know that our boys LOVE monster trucks!!  They LOVE monster trucks!!! We had a monster truck themed 3rd birthday party for them last Sunday.  

The top left picture is of the birthday invitations I made.  The top right is the monster truck birthday cake I made.  The bottom left picture is of 11 monster trucks that I made for all of the boys cousins.
*The little boy in the bottom right picture is not mine.  He is one of our nephews.  Isn't he adorable!  
I had a little area set up where the cousins could decorate and personalize a license plate.  


After the license plate decorating the kids used those license plates to play pin the license on the monster truck.  I was suppose to draw a monster truck for this game but the boys got sick earlier in the week and when they are sick Mama gets NOTHING done but snuggling (I can't complain too much about that).  Hubs did a great job sketching a truck for me the morning of the party after church while I was doing some last minute finishing touches on the monster truck boxes.  He personalized it to make it look like M's favorite monster truck (since I used one of G's monster trucks on their birthday cake from on their birthday).

M didn't want his eyes covered.

G didn't seem to mind having his eyes covered.

After playing pin the license plate on the monster truck we went downstairs to have a monster truck race.  After getting all the kids down there (they were asking to go down there for quite awhile) we decided to just skip the 'obstacle' course.  They were more interested in the toys.  Earlier we talked about Hubs making a course out in the snow but our snow blower is still broken.  That would have been SO much fun!  

I made two monster trucks with bottoms for the littler ones.  M decided he didn't want the one that he could drive on his own.  He wanted the one he could sit in.  I mean come on, you sit when you drive NOT stand right.

G had the same thoughts as M about having a bottom of the truck.  L was stuck in the truck with no bottom - you can see his little piggies.  

I made the boys a monster truck cake.  I was hoping to start getting pieces of the cake done earlier in the week.  I was doing so great at getting party things accomplished, but like I said M & G got sick.  The middle of the night on Wednesday Hubs had to bring G to the ER for his breathing.  Thursday and Friday were don't move off the couch days for the boys.  They were miserable.  Thankfully they were feeling much better by Saturday and perfectly normal by their party on Sunday.  Since I wasn't able to get much done early I threw the cake together Saturday night after the 3 boys went to bed.  Oh, I did have the cakes made on Tuesday, everything else I had to do on Saturday.  

I was very disappointed with my flames.  I LOVED the bottom tier.  The tire came out awesome (it looked so much better in real life than in the picture).  The tires for the truck were cool.  The truck was ok (I had more detail sketch out, but decided to go to bed instead)... the bottom of the truck annoyed me.  I wanted to cover it in black but I ran out of black so I said owell.  Sunday morning when I woke up and looked at it I thought, duh, why didn't you cover it in the blue like the mohawk!?!  I was going to fix it after church but never got around to it before the party.  

The bottom tier is chocolate cake with butterfinger buttercream.  The top tier is vanilla cake with carmel buttercream.  The truck is made out of rice krispie treats and covered in fondant.  

I love them.  They are just too cute!

Friday I had to run to the store to pick up a few things.  When I was at Walmart I quick went through the boy section to see if they had any monster truck shirts (I figured there was no way I had time to make one).  They had just recently put out their spring/summer clothes and I came across these.  I thought they were perfect... except they are a size too big - but barely.  I even bought one for L.

G dug right in.

Happy birthday boys!!!

* I still have 2 'birthday' activities to do.  I still have to do their 3 year old handprint and 3 year old pictures.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Little Man is almost 1!

This year has FLOWN!  Just some cute pictures of my almost 1 year old.  

Saturday, March 16, 2013


My Bigs are 3!  Time goes so fast it's crazy!  

I was so excited that Hubs had most of the day off and we could spend the entire day with the boys.  My mom came out to watch the Little Man so Hubs and I could focus all of our attention on M & G.

Hubs and I took them to Chuck E Cheese's.  It wasn't our first choice.  I really wanted to take them to the children's museum but Monday is the day they are closed.  I was very pleased with Chuck E Cheese's!  We went around 3pm and the boys basically had free range of the place. 




  G on M off

G on M off 



Don't remember haha

My brothers were home from school for Spring Break so we thought we would ask them to meet us there to surprise the boys.  M & G were THRILLED!

 M & J




M did such a good job at air hockey.  Not as good as his mama who KICKED her brothers BUTT!!  but really great for his first time.  I can't believe how much they understand and can actually do.

 J & M (I think)

 M & G (I think)

Hubs had SO much fun playing ski ball with the boys!  I think he liked the basket ball game even better.  I didn't get a picture of him and the boys playing either.  :( 


The boys LOVED the four wheeler and LOVED the arcade racing games even more!  They sat on their uncles laps and steered while their uncles kept their foot on the pedals.  I was surprised at how well they could steer the boat and cars that they were driving.  

Uncle M helped the boys up the super tall steps to get up to the play place.

Then got stuck.  haha

This guy (M) LOVES the play place but HATES the slide.  I'm not sure what it is.  He loved slides over the summer.  He loves going down the slides on my lap.  He just won't do play place slides with out me.  It doesn't keep him from having fun in the play place.  He loves to climb the steps and do all the other things up there.  Even if they are small places and just have tunnels.  Then he just climbs down the stairs again.  When he was up in this particular one he (I guess) thought the slide tunnel was just a normal tunnel and he started to 'fall' down it.  I heard screaming and saw Uncle M half up the slide.  I just thought my brother was being goofy and screaming up the tunnel trying to convince M to go down it.  Then I started hearing fear in the scream.  I realized it was M.  I threw off my shoes and got up there (using the stairs) as my brother got up there (with shoes on, using the slide).  Of course my brother told me I was a horrible mother for taking the 'time' to take my shoes off.  haha.  M needed some squeezes after that.  Then was happy and confident enough to move on and play some more.    

After Chuck E Cheese's we went to the 'dollar' theater to see Wreck It Ralph then home for some cake. The boys Grandpa, Grandma, Taeta (have no idea how to spell this), Uncle M & Uncle J were there.  

(G left, M right)

Haha these cake pictures look like horrible cardboard camera pictures.  Oops :/

There are still some birthday activities to be done... cousin party next weekend, 3 year old hand prints and 3 year old photo shoot.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Last Day of 2!

My Bigs are getting SO BIG!  Sunday was their last day of being 2 year olds.  

Last year they were into trains (they still like them, M more than G, but I don't think it's their favorite thing anymore).  They loved them so much that they wanted to celebrate with trains when they turned 2.  You might remember their train birthday party and their train shirts.  I thought that Sunday would probably be the last day they could wear their shirts since they aren't going to be 2 come Monday.  

I took a few pictures on their last day of being two.  


In just a short year they've gone from loving trains to loving monster trucks.