Monday, November 16, 2009

Ultrasound Pictures

Friday we had our 20 week ultrasound. It was so much fun. At this one the babies were measured from head to toe. Every single body part was measured. The arms, hands, feet, legs, brains, etc. It was extremely long and exhausting! I know, I know, what is soo tiring about laying on a bed for 2 hours. Well I'll tell you, first, the fact that I HAD to stare at the screen instead of close my eyes (I felt like I wasn't allowed to turn my head or my babies would be mad at me), second, the position. My tail bone and lower back were killing me. Not that I'm complaining !!! but the lady said because I was so thin I needed to basically sit with a huge arch in my back ... one good thing she said she didn't have to push nearly as hard as she normally would. I was grateful for that! Enough about me...lets move on to the babes.

Baby A was 13 ounces. Baby B was 14 ounces. All of their lengths were perfect. They were wiggling like crazy the entire time. The technician was laughing because the babies were bouncing her during the scan.

Baby A

Baby B

Baby A (4D)

Baby B (4D)

Baby A (this is our favorite picture!) In this picture you can see Baby As face and arm (elbow by face). The foot that you see by Baby As chin is actually Baby Bs foot and the leg up by the face is Baby Bs leg. When they
showed us the 4D it was in real time. We got to see Baby B kick Baby A in
the face...over an over and over..She rewound for us :) :) TOO FUNNY!

Baby B sleeping...apparently restlessly since himer was kicking Baby A in the face.
Someones foot :)

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