Sunday, December 6, 2009

Room Changing Update

We have been busy today. I haven't cleaned cleaned yet, but I figured I would share with you what we have done so far. A couple of weeks ago I posted pictures of room are some more.

Dining Room
This room is totally done. Well done until we start getting baby stuff. I think I shared earlier that we decided to sell our antque dining room furniture :(. We sold it so we could make some more room in our dining room. We are always down stairs and have a large ottoman in the living room...which gives the babies limited floor room. I wanted to have the dining room for half eating and half floor time for the babies.
We bought a new table and hutch a few months ago. Just last weekend I went out and bought the rug for floor time and two cheapo black shelves. I think it looks really good. The shelves will be used for baskets and baby stuff...whatever that might be. Right now the carpet has Christmas presents and wrapping paper on it...waiting for me to finish wrapping and put everything away.

We finished the kitchen a long time ago but never took pictures to put up. I have already gone into detail about what we did just take a look at the final product.

Guest Bedroom
We took a lot of the furniture from the office and added it into the guest bedroom. We finally finished rearranging this room and it's ready for guests :)

I would show you a picture of our room too, as there have been changes there also, but the sheets are in the dryer and it just doesn't feel right to take a picture of a disheveled room :)
The office...I'm sorry NURSERY is the last room to be worked on. It is basically empty now. We have some random things on the floor that we need to go through and we still need to empty the wall cubbies.
We worked really hard today and come 4:30 I said my belly was hungry and I wanted to sit. Jon said so you're hungry...what are you hungry for? I said I'm not hungry my belly is. He said, if your belly is hungry than you are hungry. I have no desire to eat right now...but my belly is rumbling, so I assume I should was a pretty funny conversation. :)

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