Sunday, December 5, 2010

Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

Yesterday we decided to bundle up and go get our Christmas tree. Two years ago we went to this great little place down the road. We LOVED it. We said that we were NEVER going to go any where else. Last year we went some where else :( I was super pregnant it was last minute and there was a 'snow storm'. We said we would never go back there and that we would go to our little place again....

The little tree farm is in someones back yard.

Mommy and Gunnar Daddy and Micaiah

One HAPPY family!

Daddy and the boys looking at the tree. Seeing where the next strand of lights should go.

Mommy and the boys waiting for Daddy to finish putting the lights on the tree.

Mommy in awe of her boys.

The boys in awe of the tree.

Gunnar Micaiah

Daddy and the boys looking at the finished project. Well just the lights were done last night.

The boys loved it.
Now we just need to finish decorating it.

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