Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pictures with Santa

We had so much fun waiting to see Santa. Mommy timed it perfectly. I decided that we would go right after the boys ate so we could see Santa and make it back home in time for their nap. Well, Santa had a different idea in mind.

We got to Santa's Village at 3:00 to be greeted by some Toll House cookies and a sign that stated, "Santa's out to lunch and will be back at 3:40". Ugh 3:40. Ok I guess we can live with that. We walked around the mall...of course we didn't do any shopping like we should have, we were too busy being stared at and oogled and googled at. We got back to Santa's Village at 3:30. When we got there we found a line swirling around his village. We got on line and looked at eachother with a big laugh. We knew that there was no way the boys would last on this line. OH PLEASE...my boys...of course they lasted!

These are some photos we took while we waited for Santa...who returned 2o minutes late from his lunch.

Micaiah happily waiting to meet Santa.

Gunnar waiting happily too.

We decided to take them out of the stroller for a little photo shoot.

Gunnar, Mommy, Micaiah, and Daddy

Daddy and his boys.

Mommy and her boys.

The boys hammed it up big time! People actually gathered around us like they were movie stars. Haha. We heard from behind us, who needs to see Santa after seeing something like this. It truly made our day.

The boys were so happy and did so well waiting for Santa. I LOVE their faces for their picture with the big guy.

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  1. The photos of both boys sitting while you waited for a photo with Santa are so sweet!!