Friday, November 22, 2013

A Day At Home

These 3 are getting so old so fast.  There's not much to say, just some pictures of my loves from today.  

L was looking out the window watching a truck on the road.  Whoa!  Is what he was saying :)

M was a bit emotional today when he was building with his blocks.  He wanted to build a garage but didn't want to do it by himself.  He kept asking me to build it for him.  Of course I did... after I asked him to try on his own.

L loves to brush his hair.  He finds a comb or a brush and says hair, brush.  I say, Are you brushing your hair?  Yes he says.  He says yes SO perfectly!

He says so much so perfectly.  Here he is talking on his phone.  He's talking to Marsha.  Who is Marsha you ask... The Bigs were watching a show the other day about a race car named Roary.  One of the ladies that works on the tracks name is Marsha.  Another guy on the show talks to Marsha on a walkie talkie.  The Bigs spent an afternoon yelling Marsha, Marsha can you hear me... and whatever else they talked about with Marsha into their walkie talkies.  Now every time L picks up the phone he talks to Marsha... all while pacing.  Seriously SO cute!

The Bigs have been spending a lot of time with their Uncles old blocks.  Most of them are just old Jenga blocks but they have been having fun making tracks, jumps, garages, and churches.

M and L spent a little bit of time getting to know each other a little better today.

I know this isn't the best picture in the world but I'm thinking it's TOTALLY frame worthy!

While M & L were watching the truck out the window and jumping, talking and napping on Daddy's chair G was busy adding height to his garage.

He's getting some pretty good fine motor skills and surprises me with some of the things he's starting to construct.

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