Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Most of Hubs youth group kids call him Farmer.  They named him Farmer before they even knew he grew up on a farm.  

The day after we arrived to MN we took the boys to see all the tractors and combines.  

Hubs and M

In the red tractor you can sort of make out Grandpa and G.

M climbing out of the tractor.

Changing his mind and asking Daddy for help.

Grandpa and G walking from the tractors to the combines.


Mama and L (in the carrier under the stars)


We went into the barn to see the old tractors.



Awesome old truck that they use to carry water

Daddy brought the boys into the corn.  The dog (Hubs Uncles) followed them in.  The boys got very nervous when they couldn't see him.  They were calling for Bingo (not the dogs name).  G started to go further into the corn yelling for Bingo.  He finally saw Bingo running on the grass again and followed.  I was starting to get nervous that G was going to go in too far and was happy that Bingo emerged.

Daddy & M

G & M

The boys had so much fun.  They LOVE tractors and combines.  They waved goodbye to all the equipment and were happy to hear they can see it again whenever they want (if Mommy and Daddy agree of course)  :)

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