Wednesday, July 18, 2012

L is 11 Weeks

My little nugget is getting so big.  I know, I know I say that every week.  

I had fun taking his pictures yesterday!  Our house in NJ has NO natural light.  We are temporarily living in Hubs parents house, which is loaded with natural light.  It made for some nice pictures.  

L has been seeming to feel a little better the last two days.  I really hope that this continues!

We put L on his tummy for the first time on Monday since his belly seemed to not be giving him any problems at the moment... for the first time on the floor anyway.  We have done his tummy against our tummy, but not straight on the floor.  I've noticed that when he is on his tummy he screams in pain.  Not just screaming because he doesn't want to be on his belly, but screaming because it hurts to be on his belly.  

This is not a scream in pain.  This is a grunt because he is trying to roll over.  

Ohhh... I think I can do it....


Here I go...

I did it!

Time to relax before I try again.

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