Friday, October 5, 2012

Brotherly Love

There is nothing that touches a momma's heart more than her loves loving each other!

My boys are becoming such good friends.  

The above pictures are of M and L.  He has gotten so attached to his little brother.  He is still very rough with him but in a loving way.  He kisses him which is more like smooshing his face against his or head butting him.  He hugs him, which is more like flattening him.  He holds his hand, which is more like cutting off the circulation.  BUT he loves him!

It's so hard to tell him to back away from baby brother because he just doesn't get the fact that he is a giant compared to the Little.  I feel like I'm always hurting his feelings.

G is a little bit more independent when L is on the floor.  He enjoys to continue playing with his monster trucks or cars rather than joining in on baby playing time.

L rolls this way and that in order to see what the Bigs are doing.

Look at L here.  You think I'm kidding when I say he just stares at them.  Look at the way he is looking at M.


M & L

Some how I was able to get them to all lay on the floor long enough to get a simple shot of the three of them together.  Not what I want professionally, BUT perfect since them staying still long enough NEVER happens.

M, L, G

All three of them are obsessed with the tv.

Wow, I'm sure it may sound silly because it's been 5 months... but I just got really teary eyed looking at these pictures getting ready to push the publish button... I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE 3 KIDS!!  I don't think the fact of that has hit me yet.  I mean the month after L was born I packed us up.  The next month we moved half way across the country.  Then we lived with Hubs parents for 2 months.  Now we are getting settled into the new home and WOW!!   

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