Thursday, October 4, 2012

L is 5 Months!

This little nugget is always so happy.  Well... I'm not sure how to say this without sounding bad.  He's always so happy... until we try to put him to bed at night :/  Kid you are driving me nuts!!  BUT I LOVE YOU haha 

He has been doing really well with his naps.  It took A LONG time to be able to get him to go down for his naps on his own, I mean almost 5 months long.  When we moved into our home (pictures soon I promise) I decided to become hard core mommy and 'teach' him to nap on his own.  I swaddle him give him kisses and sing Jesus Loves Me.  I give him his binky and then I lay him down.  For the first day I went back into his room every 10 minutes.  I rubbed his belly sang some more shhhed or 'shook' him (basically like rocked him while he was still laying down in his crib).  I refused to pick him up (unless he was unswaddled) :(.  It was HARD, but at the same time it was nice because I was able to sit on the floor with the Bigs and play with them.  Granted I was getting up and walking away but that only lasted for about a day and a half maybe 2.  Since then he's been napping really well on his own.  Sometimes I have to rock him (rare), sometimes he skips it completely (even more rare), BUT it is MUCH better than before!!

(What up dawg!?!)

However, night time is a different story!!  I am trying to be hard core mommy at night but it's just NOT working.  For a week and a half two weeks it was going well.  I fed him at 7 we played and then put him down at 8.  He woke up anywhere between 10 and 12 (or I would wake him before I went to bed).  I fed him in the dark, changed his diaper and put him right back in his crib.  He was going right back to sleep on his own.  If he woke up between then and before 4am I would just reswaddle him and give him his binky.  He would go back to sleep.  I refused to feed him before 4am.  Listen, he's healthy.  He's got meat on his bones.  He's ok.  He doesn't have to eat.  It's night time... for me and my family night time is sleep time not eat time :/  I probably sound so mean.  If he woke up at or after 4am I decided it would be ok to feed him.  I wanted to do that until he slept straight through from 10pm to 4am.  Then I figured I would refuse to feed him all the way until 7am (his normal wake up time).  This is what I did with the Bigs.  It worked great.  Yeah, yeah, I get it every kid is different... but like I said.. NIGHT TIME = SLEEP TIME for me and my family.

Anyway, he did great for about a week almost 2.  Then all of a sudden he's getting up again every 45 minutes to 2 hours.  Staying up.  Screaming.  Wide eyed.  Laughing.  Just UP.  I gave in and I started feeding him (if I can't get him to sleep in the duration of 2 to 2 1/2 hours).  UGH!

Hey sleep monster, Mama's coming for you!  We are going to get you to sleep STRAIGHT through!  Some how :/  SOON!

When the nugget is up he is so happy.  He loves to watch his brothers play.  He loves to coo.  He LOVES to kiss his mama!

He loves to eat his hands.  

He loves wrestling his elephant.

He loves to talk.

He loves to eat his toys.

He loves to grab his feet.

Now he just needs to start to LOVE SLEEPING AT NIGHT!!

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