Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo I'm 2! Shirts

2 really?!?!????  I can't get over it!

I made the boys special shirts for their party.  Well, really for the entire next year.  :)

I used the freezer paper method.  

I found a picture of a train online.  I searched Google for a steam train coloring page.  I copied it and laid it out on my document program.  Then I chose the font I wanted and put the words around the train.  I cut my freezer paper to 8 1/2 by 11 ( I didn't want to have to trace on top of all the cutting I was about to do).  I printed the design right onto my freezer paper.  

Then I went ahead and cut out two templates.  Supposedly you can reuse BUT I am not a patient person.  I don't wait for the paint to completely dry AND I normally rip my template when pulling it off of the shirt.

I found these little shirts at Walmart.  They were fairly cheap, $3.88.  They had pockets on them.  You can kind of see the outline on the picture above.  I took my seam ripper and pulled the pockets off.  Again, I'm not that patient.  I probably should have washed the shirt first, for many reasons... one would have been to pull the shirt back together where the pocket was stitched, but I didn't.  :)

Then I laid my template onto the shirt.  Positioning it where I thought it would look best.

All you do after that is iron the template down.  You should iron it on a low setting... AGAIN I'm not patient.  I normally start off high and lower the temperature as the iron gets hot.

I grabbed my fabric paint of choice and began to dab and paint the open areas of the template.

I wanted to go light on the paint for these shirts.  I wanted them to look 'worn'.

There you have it.  Two I'm TWO shirts.  I am so happy that my two LOVE them!


  1. I have twin boys and these are the exact shirts I want!! Do you happen to still have your template you could email me?! If you do my email is nicolemary@gmail.com. I would so appreciate it :)

    1. Awe. Love it :) No I never saved anything. I just found a picture online that I liked and printed it. Then traced it. Hope you found one and were able to do it for them!