Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

After coming home from church the boys came into an egg hunt and baskets on the fire place 

I'm not a huge fan of my boys having/getting loads of candy.  I know that's the fun part of doing baskets, but they are just 3 and 11 months there's no need for that junk... although I love it haha.  This year we got the boys gardening bags.  I am so excited to start a garden this year (I have NO idea how to but am excited to try).  When we lived at their Grandparents over the summer they had so much fun 'helping' in the garden.  I hope they will be able to do a lot of the weeding and such (heck do it all) since I am TERRIFIED of creepy crawly things!!  

Anyway :)  After church and then a quick little egg hunt and basket opening we piled in the car and headed the 45 minutes to Hubs parents.

*OH  M, G & L's pants were made... by me.  I can't believe how cute they came out :)  I also made all 4 boys ties.

On Saturday I did a mini photo session with my boys.

If you want to check out more photos from this session check out my photography page.

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