Friday, April 26, 2013

Play Time

M & G love to play with their cars and trucks.  

They line then up and drive their monster trucks over them.

Or just line them up to look at them.  

They spend time placing them just so.

They make sure not a single one is out of place.

They step back and check them out.

Then fix whatever they think needs to be fixed.  

They are NOT happy when Little Man touches their cars.  They are even more unhappy when Little Man messes up the line!!  

Poor L doesn't get to touch any monster trucks or cars when the Bigs are awake.  The Bigs grab them away from him.  (They have gotten better at allowing him just one of their choosing, but still aren't thrilled of the idea.)

*Today (two days after these photos) I told the Bigs that Little Man in only awake with them for about 45 minutes at a time and I am not going to take him away from their toys and that they need to share.  They were perfectly fine with it.  Guess I should have been more frank with them earlier haha.

Back to the regularly scheduled post :) ...

When the Bigs went to bed that night L had all the trucks and cars to himself.

I couldn't believe how perfectly he played with them.

He knew how to drive them and jump them.  Crazy how much babes learn from watching!!

Of course he put one or two in his mouth :)

I think I know what this nugget is getting for his 1st birthday present from his Mama and Dada... can you guess :)

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