Tuesday, March 11, 2014

G is 4!!!

I know that people say twins are their own people.  They have their own likes and dislikes and their own personalities.  M & G are SO alike!  I'm sure as they get older they will have more and more differences, but for now, I could honestly just copy and paste each of their posts for the other.

Here is G just a week or 3 old.  He was born just a tad bigger than his brother, but still oh so skinny.

This face on his 1yr old picture is still such a perfect portrayal of G.

Here's G at 2.  I am honestly not 100% sure this is G.  It looks an awful lot like M, BUT I stole it from a different blog post and it had a G under it, so I guess it must be.  He loved trains at 2 also.  Something I didn't mention on M's post is their love for semi trucks at this age too.  They were (still are) so great at making the semi truck horn sound, along with the arm pull too of course!

During his 2nd year a love of monster trucks began and is continuing to grow still to this day :)  This picture was taken his last night of 2.  Showing he is 'over' trains and moved on to monster trucks.  

G is on the right.  Recently he decided he really likes Spiderman.  They asked for a Superhero birthday party and all Superhero items for their birthday.  G really wanted a Spiderman monster truck, but I wasn't able to find one and I didn't think about ordering online soon enough.

Anyway, Happy 4th Birthday to my maniac sweet little G!!!

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