Tuesday, March 11, 2014

M is 4!!!

I just can't believe how fast these years go! My sweet little boys are growing up!

I can't believe how little he was when he was born.  Look at how skinny he was.  

Here M is at 1.  (Well actually a few months older than 1). 

Year by year a little personality began to come out.  At two he LOVED trains.  He still really likes them.  Of course he wouldn't choose to be in a picture shirtless in overalls and a bandana... that's all his crazy mama who wasn't creative enough to think of a different way to show his love of trains.  Haha.

The night before his 3rd birthday I had him wear his I'm 2 shirt ONE last time.  Throughout that year he developed a love of monster trucks.  Those of you that know him think he has all the monster trucks there are.  He actually doesn't.  There are SOOO many of them, but he sure has A LOT!!  This is his 3 year old picture.

M is on the left.  Now at 4 he still loves monster trucks.  More than ever really.  He also just began to really like Batman.  He has NO idea who he is... he actually only knows Batman BECAUSE of Monster trucks.  He knows Batman is a super hero but has never actually seen anything with him in it.  Too much fighting for my taste :)

Anyway, Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet maniac loveable little boy!!!

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