Sunday, April 24, 2011

Park Day Two

When we went to the first park we were so disappointed with how disgusting it was. It was so gross I was scared to let the boys walk around. So we decided to try out a different park...

This park was much nicer, but so crowded. We will definitely choose this one over the other one, but I think we are going to try another next time it is nice out... hopefully it will be nice out sometime soon!

This time Gunnar LOVED the swings! Every time we would go up he would squeal in delight. It was the cutest thing! Jon would push him higher and higher and his smile would just get bigger and bigger.

Micaiah enjoyed himself, but didn't seem as thrilled as the last time he swung.

Micaiah trying to grab the camera.
Mama and Mic
Gunnar loving it!
Mama and Gunnar
Gunnar just couldn't get enough of it!
Micaiah just laying back and watching the other kids playing.
Daddy and Gunnar
Daddy and his boys

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