Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Favorite Lens

It was a sad sad day when I broke my favorite lens.  A few weeks ago (before we moved from Hubs rents to our rental house) I plopped a bag down on the floor moving it from one spot to another.  I had totally forgot that my camera was in that bag basically unprotected.  I had it in a little fabric pouch to keep it from getting scratched but it wasn't padded at all.  Well the plop onto the tile floor at my inlaws jammed my favorite lens.  After an hour I was able to unjam the lens, BUT it doesn't focus very well anymore.  

I keep playing with it hoping that it will start to move a little faster.  Every time I play with it I cry a little.  Seriously :/

I always have my camera on manual.  My lens is always on automatic.  I choose which area of my subject I want focused, but the lens spins on its own.  Now that the lens is sticky it doesn't focus on its own.  

Lately I have been trying to focus the lens manually as well as manually choose all of the settings on the camera.  I am not very fast with the focusing of the lens so I miss A LOT of what could be awesome pictures.  

I think the above picture would have been awesome!! Too bad I couldn't focus quickly enough.  Not only am I not fast enough spinning the lens.... BUT the lens doesn't always spin.  Sometime (most times) it sticks and I have to just keep turning back and forth.  Ugh I think I might cry just writing about this :/

Anyway, I did happen to get a couple of cute pictures of L.  M & G is a whole other story... there is no way I can get pictures of them.  They are always moving and all of the pictures are blurry.

I WANT A NEW LENS :(  too bad there is NO way I can afford another one.

L is so stinking cute!  He is trying to roll over.  This was the first day that he did it on his own.  Some of you might say it doesn't count.  Mama says it does!  L kept his arm under him for most of the time.  He was enjoying his wrist.  After several minutes he did pull it out but only once.  

He puts everything in his mouth.  His favorite thing is his pointer.

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