Thursday, November 8, 2012

Car Mat

I belong to an awesome moms group on Facebook.  It really is the best group ever!  I can go there with my silly baby and toddler posts that my other Facebook friends don't want to hear about.  This group has come together in the most amazing way.  One of the moms in the group found out that her precious boy has a life threatening illness (Pompe Disease) that there is no cure for, only a treatment.  This treatment is 4 hours away from where they live and 6 hours long...EVERY 2 WEEKS.. for the REST of his life.  What an emotional and financial burden this is for my fellow mom group friend and her family.  One of the amazing ladies in the mom group (aka my bestie) thought to do a fund raiser for this family.  She talked to the mom and had her put together an Amazon wish list of items that could make the traveling, treatments, and hotel stays a little easier.  When I saw the event page my friend made I went over to the wish list to see what I could purchase to help this family.  Not even an hour after the event was made ONLY a handful of items were left on the page.  After talking to Hubs about it and looking at those items I went back onto the page to make my purchase... NOTHING WAS LEFT!  That's how amazing these moms are.  They bought every item on the wish list.  

I decided to go with a home made gift.  Something that I thought my boys would LOVE.  Something that I thought would be easy for mom and dad to carry around.  

I put this on my Pinterest board a while ago and thought it would be perfect.  I basically just copied everything that was on the original that I found.  It's not quite as fancy but I think it will get a lot of use.


When it's time to clean up mom or dad can just grab the tie and yank it closed, cars and all.  

I hope he loves it!  

I pray for this family and especially the little boy K every day.  I'm sure the family would appreciate any and all prayers for their son so please feel free to add him/them to your prayer list.

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  1. I am sure he will love it! I love it! So cool!