Friday, November 16, 2012

Thing 1, Thing 2, and the Cat in the Hat go Trick-or-Treating

I have so many pictures and daily happenings that have yet to be blogged about.  I just can't get around to getting them all up.  My three monsters or should I say four (gotta include Hubs) keep me busy.  Honestly I've been pretty lazy around here so that doesn't help either.  Don't get me wrong, I get what I have to get done done but that's about it... actually sometimes I do things that don't have to be done and not things that have to be done... ;)  owell.

I was looking forward to Halloween this year.  M & G are at such a fun age I knew they would have a blast.  Sadly Hubs wasn't able to go trick or treating with us.  He had a costume party at the youth group and spent just about the whole day getting ready for the night activities at church.  My mom came out for the afternoon/evening to go trick or treating with me and the boys.  

Sorry about the horrible pictures. :) 

 L was the Cat in the Hat

M & G were Thing 1 & Thing 2 (so appropriate for their personalities) 

They held hands and walked from house to house.  They rang the door bells (those that they could reach) and yelled trick or treat.  If they couldn't reach a door bell they just continued to yell trick or treat, hello, etc.  Too cute!  

They asked some if they could go inside and play.  They said, do you have toys?  Can I come in and see your toys?  They were as nosey as me, peeking into the houses to see how they were decorated, well in their case whether or not they had toys.  

You can see me in the reflection of the above picture.  I was Cindy Lou Who.  

After we went trick or treating we got into the car and went to the church to visit Daddy.  

Dr, Seuss themed Halloween
Cindy Lou Who, The Grinch, The Cat in the Hat, Thing 1, and Thing 2

I made the photo booth for Hubs earlier in the day.  He set up the sheet and I just added the bats and made the props.  I told him he should have asked me to bring the iron so I could iron the sheet.  He laughed and said that he suggested that to one of the youth leaders and she laughed at him.  I said, yea well you can laugh at her because all those creases are going to show up in every single picture.  The students don't care and most of the pictures came out fun so no big deal :) 

We had fun visiting Daddy and meeting a lot of his students.  The kids loved our kids and played around with them a bunch.  The boys were in their glory playing with "the kids".  

It took me longer than I wanted to but I finally got the boys back into their costumes for some pictures.  I would have loved to take more but M & G weren't feeling well and they HATED wearing their hats, which was kinda funny because they didn't mind them at all on Halloween.  I would try to get them to do some more individual pictures but I don't think so.  They love wearing their shirts but I don't plan on trying to put their hats on them again.  

At the end L was done.  He had no desire to be in anymore pictures.  I tried to get a single one of him but he had other plans.  I will probably dress him up one more time to take pictures... but maybe not... remember, I've been lazy lately :)

The bulk of the costumes were made by me.  For the Cat in the Hat I purchased a My First Christmas onsie (the only black onsie I could find) and sewed a white belly and red bow tie on.  For the leg warmers I cut up a pair of Hubs black dress socks (he doesn't wear them so no loss there) and sewed them into baby leg warmers.  The hat was made out of white and red felt.  I was impressed that it fit him perfectly.  So fun that I had little black and white tiger striped socks.  For Thing 1 & 2 I purchased red sweats and red long sleeve shirts from Walmart.  I used freezer paper and fabric paint to paint on the belly of the shirt.  I also bought larger shirts from the dollar store to go over their jackets incase it was super cold.  They weren't necessary, but they came out much cuter.  I painted the Thing 1 & 2 onto white felt and then sewed it onto the large shirt.  Well hey, they will have Thing 1 & 2 shirts for a while.  For the blue hat I bought hats form the dollar store and a blue boa.  I cut the boa up into 2 inch pieces or so and then hot glued the pieces onto the hats.  I bought green towel material to make the Grinch costume.  I found a free pj tutorial for kids online and followed that, but traced Hubs jeans and shirt as a pattern.  I will totally be using that pattern again and make pjs for the boys.  They came out great... well not so great, the torso area was way long (I'm sure that was due to tracing two different articles of clothing and not a 1 piece.  So when I do them for the boys I will just trace their current footie pjs).  I didn't have enough fabric to make the costume large enough so Hubs opted to put on his gym shorts (which looked good - I think) instead of tearing seams (they did tear) and showing parts of him that shouldn't be shown, especially to his students ... eek!  I didn't have to make anything for my costume.  I wore my clothes and borrowed the coat from my sister in law.  I used one of the boys cups for under my hair and clipped a dollar bow to the top.

I'm already thinking about what family themed costumes I can make for next year...  :)

I know that no one is thinking about Halloween anymore, but I didn't want you to miss out on the boys cuteness... and my corniness :)

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