Friday, November 2, 2012

Hard at Work

The pup has been sneaking under our fence.  Not a good thing when you let him out and don't pay any attention to what he's doing.  He is the friendliest dog you could ever come across, BUT it doesn't change the way he looks.  He is a Pitt mix and is a bit large.  I'm sure neighbors could easily be weary of him.  So Hubs and the boys spent an afternoon making sure the pup can't get through any of the spots of the fence.  

This isn't necessarily a very pretty fix, but it's a fix non the less.  We had some chicken wire in the shed and lined the fence with it.  

M in the shed.

G joining M in the shed.

G found some great dowels.  The boys and I had fun hitting crab apples that were on the ground with them as if they were golf clubs and golf balls.

M helping Daddy hammer in fence posts.

He even did some on his own.

G had a chance to hammer in a post too.

I can't believe how big they are getting!

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