Saturday, August 17, 2013

Big Brothers

These two are the best big brothers in the world!  They take such good care of Little Man.  It's pretty amazing how much they love him.  Whenever it's time for L to go to bed or take a nap the Bigs ask, "is he going to bed I need to kiss him".  They are consistent on the kisses and love that they give him.

I love how much they love each other too!

We have SO many bibs from when M & G were babies.  L didn't need any new ones, but this one was given to him by one of my besties.  He has never worn it.  I'm not a big bib user.  I found this one in our drawer (with all the others during food times) and decided it was too cute to let him wear it and get it stained, so I decided to let him wear it for a few pictures before we use it to protect his clothes.  If you can't read it since the sun was so bright it says I'm the little brother.

He didn't want to wear the bib for very long.....

This kid is joining the BIG BRO CLUB!!  Doesn't he look thrilled!?!  :)

We are so excited to announce that Baby #4 is on the way.  M & G are thrilled with the news.  We weren't going to tell them for awhile (9 months is a long time to wait for a 3 year old) but M heard us talk about being pregnant and the next day he said, "Mommy do you have a baby in your belly?"  I told him yes I do.  He said "BABY GEORGE!!".  He is a persistent little bugger and anytime he's asked what we should name the baby he says George.  George is a driver to a monster truck that he likes.  Which is funny because it's not even one of his favorite trucks haha.

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