Saturday, October 31, 2009

Did We or Didn't We?

More sex talk...
Yesterdays appointment went so fast. The last two we had with this place it felt like we were at the movies. Anyway onto what you really want to know...NO...we did not find out the sex of the babies. We did get two pretty cute pictures though
Here is a 4D picture of Baby A. He/She had his/her feet and hands covering his/her face. You can't really see his/her hands but you can see the super cute little feet.

Here is a picture of Baby B. FINALLY!! This is the first time we were able to get a picture of Baby B. Every other ultrasound we've had they haven't printed the pictures because he/she has been a jumping bean and the pictures haven't been clear enough to print. Look at him/her all snuggled up.
We have another ultrasound in two weeks. The next one will actually be two hours long. They will measure all of the body parts and fun stuff like that. Keep you posted :)

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