Friday, October 30, 2009


...Oh come on...get your mind out of the gutter... I'm not talking about that kind of sex :P

So, today we have another ultrasound. We LOVE that we get to have soooo many ultrasounds. It is so amazing to see these little stinkers moving about and see how they change so quickly.

Let's talk about sex now. I told Jon that I don't want to know if we are having boys or girls. This is always something that I wanted to wait for until the baby (now babies) are born. This has Jon going nuts. He has known since the first time we talked about having a family (8yrs ago) that I would want to wait to find out their sex.

Well, he never thought I was serious. You see I am soooo incredibly impatient. If somebody knows something I don't drives me insane. The second Jon tells me he got me a present I don't stop bothering him until he gives it to me. I mean come on now, we finish opening Christmas presents and I say, what did you get me for my birthday? Half the time he doesn't wait the 4 days till my birthday before letting me open it. I think part of my impatience is fed from my amazing husband. He will d anything to make and keep me happy. If he says we are going to do something special tomorrow and I can’t find out until then...he normally gives in before tomorrow and tells me what it is...because I am a nuisance!

I haven't wavered about this. Being the good wife that I am I did tell him that he could find out what we are having (I don’t want him to..because I would probably ask him everyday what they are). He said there is no way that he could hold that secret in. He said that he would most likely tell me before I even asked him. I, of course want to know, but I still want to wait until B-day. Every time we go to an ultrasound Jon asks if we can find out what they are. Every time he wears me down just a little bit…don’t tell him I said so :)

I think it bothers Jon not because he really wants to know (I mean he does), but I think it’s more the fact that I’m not being a terd about finding out. It does bother me that the doctors and the ultrasound techs know, but they don’t live with me…..

Last time we had an ultrasound, he said, if we find out we could go shopping for the babies…he thought my love for shopping would change my mind. It didn’t. This morning, I asked Jon if we could go to the baby store after the appointment. He said you know my stipulation. I said, Jon whether they are boys or girls they still need cribs and a changing table.

Check in later for some new pictures of the stinkers ... and maybe some sex news :)

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  1. O I hope you find out! That's totally selfish of me, but I want to know ;) Actually, we've done it both ways. We found out for Silje and David but didn't for Elias. I honestly liked finding out more. I realized that the "It's a boy!" I was waiting for at birth didn't give the high I was expecting. I desperately wanted to see his face, and all they showed me was his bottom half. I don't want to see THAT I want to see his face! But by then, they took him away to help him with his breathing issues. The birth day is full of so much excitement. Knowing earlier, IMO just spreads out the excitment, and doesn't deminish anything on the b-day.

    But you guys do whatever. I love the relationship you and Jon have, and how you work things out. It's adorable!

    Wait, this isn't my blog...I'll shut up now.