Wednesday, October 28, 2009


No, don't worry, I'm not sick. However, being a first grade teacher puts me next to little germ infested gremlins all day long. My school nurse has been amazing. She calls me up in my classroom daily to tell me new illnesses in our school. Just this week I have had 2 out with Strep and 2 out with 'flu' like symptoms...(not including the dozens that are out in other classes and grades) and it's only Wednesday.
Here is my dilema...Swine Flu shot...should I or should I not??? I already got my Seasonal Flu shot (I have been getting it for 3 years so was just conmfortable going ahead and doing it again.) Anyway, back the the H1N1 shot, so many people tell me I must...and so many tell me DO NOT. Carrying twins already puts me in the 'high risk' category. Getting sick for any pregnant person would be bad...and H1N1 is hitting a lot of pregnant ladies and causing problems. OF course I am also thinking, is the vaccine itself going to cause a problem...

...scary.....?????????????????????? what to do, what to do

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