Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer Recap

We have had such a busy summer. I am so sad that it is just about over. I am going to warn you. This is a very long post. Mostly pictures, but long.

G and M chilling after eating . M is on top of G.

M is a little monkey when he sleeps. I can put him on one side of his crib and you can never tell where he will be when he wakes.
One mile stone this summer is the Bumbo. The boys are doing really great sitting up with a little bit of support.

M posing for the camera.

G posing for the camera.
They were facing eachother and playing footsies the entire time.
We got home one day during the middle of one of the boys naps. G stayed asleep in his car seat while M woke up. Mommy really wanted to make dinner but doesn't like to cook with a babe in arms (I'm afraid I'm going to hurt them). I moved the cradle out of the dining room earlier that afternoon so Jon could bring it up to the attic that night. I was so glad that it was in the kitchen. I was able to spend a half hour making dinner and M just chilled in the cradle. He was so happy.
M snuggling his daddy.
G left, M right. Chilling on the bed after a yummy breakfast.


Mommy and G taking a little nap. When the boys nap mommy normaly doesn't. G wasn't a happy camper this nap so I tried snuggling him. My boys NEVER snuggle me. I was soo happy that he snuggled me this time. So we snuggled and then I put him down. I have only slept in the bed with my boys twice, and each time it was G. Lucky duck.

G sleeping on the boppy next to mommy while she was feeding M.
One day we decided we wanted to look at all of our toys. Mommy brought out the basket of toys and poured them out ontop of the boys. They really seemed to enjoy themselves.
These weren't the pictures I wanted to post of M and G, but they were two pictures where they were actually 'playing' with the toys.


The next set of pictures are bath time pictures. I think summer baths are the best. You don't have to worry about the babe getting cold in our our of the bath. It's so nice to be able to pull the nakey babe out and take your time putting a diaper and slimes and then their jams on. Oh I love it.

Here is M in the bath.

Here is G in the bath.

Sleepy pictures.

M sleeping.

G sleeping.

Just hanging out.

G on left, M on right.

M on top, G on bottom loving their Mama.
M on left, G on right.

M on left, G on right.
The boys LOVED swimming. This was the first time they went in the water. It was REALLY cold, but we had to give it a try. It was actually to cold for me :/ No big suprise there, but the boys seemed to have fun!.

Daddy with M.
Daddy with G. He didn't like it too much. He agreed with mommy and thought it was COLD.
This time we went to a friends pool. It was much warmer so Mommy decided she would go in also. Daddy with M and Mama with G.

The boys giving their Uncle Jimmy noggin. M is the top picture, G is the next.
We had a chance to go Upstate NY to visit my Dad's Dad. My Dad lives in NC and he was visiting his Dad. So we decided to take the boys up for the day to meet their Great Grandpa and to visit their Grandpa.

G on left, M on right.

I just love this picture of G.

We had another big mile stone this summer. Well a few, but this is their first time eating cereal. We started with rice cereal. We decided that it was entirely too binding and switched to oatmeal.

I have put the boys in their highchairs once before. I used them during bath time. I would put one in the chair next to the sink and the other in the bath. That way they are both at my reach. They both enjoyed the high chair. Well this time we put them in the high chair right after they woke up. M wasn't too thrilled with not being nursed and being put into the chair.

G's first bite of food...

M's first bite of food....

M.. Hmmm this is weird.
G looking at M while he was being fed.
G breaking down about half way through his first feeding. He decided he wanted Mommy to feed him...not the spoon.
M really enjoyed his first eating experience. That is, after the initial shoke of being put in the chair right after waking.

Here are some pictures after a few times eating cereal. They really seem to have the hang of it now. M has on the car bib and G has on the truck bib.

Jon's brother and his family came to visit us from Minesotta for a long weekend. We were so happy to see them and have them stay with us. We have such a little house and no toys for the ages of their children that we decided we needed to do as many day trips as possible.

One day we went to the shore. We set up a large sun tent for the boys. It worked beautifully. Haha, this is the first summer that I haven't gotten any color...I wonder why :)

We were very upset to find out after we got there that the water was 'closed'. This was the first time that their kids have ever been to the ocean and they weren't even allowed in. :( They seemed to have fun anyway!

M & G chillin in their sun tent.

It started to get chilly so we bundled up.

Cousin Elias with his sand beard.
After a full day in the sun the boys were exahusted. G in green and M in blue.

The next day we decided to go see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I haven't done this since 8th grade. Jon hasn't gone since highschool. I'm not sure if his brother has ever gone and I know his wife has never gone. Everyone, even the kids, seemed to really enjoy this day trip.

Here everyone is walking up to the old train station at Liberty Park. They sell the ferry tickets here. I took so many pictures of the old train station, ferry, Ellis Island, and the Statue.

Here the boys are on their first ferry ride. Looking at the pictures you have no idea they are on the ferry, but these are the cutest pictures of M & G!

Here is a shot of the Statue of Liberty from the ferry.

A view of NYC from the ferry.

Here I am feeding one of the babes at the base of the Statue.

The hubs holding M (left) and G (right) at Ellis Island.

My turn to hold the boys.

One happy family.

We all had a little snack at the base of the Statue of Liberty.

Here are Jon's brothers kids, Silje, David, and Elias waiting for the ferry.

We still have two weekends left before I have to go back to work. I'm sure we will have more adventures and more pictures to share!

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