Monday, October 25, 2010


See if you can see what I see. The glare makes it hard, but when they are eating is the easiest time to see...

Those are all pictures of Micaiah. Isn't he just gorgeous! Well, Mic has 1 tooth that cut through and the second bottom one has been right there for almost a week, it just hasn't cut through yet. Let me tell you, that sucker is sharp! I can't believe my baby has teeth :( Ahhh, it's going TOO fast!

Here is my Gunnar. Can you see that, 3, yes 3, teethers. Oh my goodness. They all came at the same time. Again, I can't believe my baby has teeth. It is going way TOO fast!!! Isn't he gorgeous!

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  1. Love to see those beautiful boys! They are growing so fast and soooo many teeth! Grandma