Sunday, October 3, 2010


We had such a relaxing weekend last weekend. Unfortunetly I wasn't able to post about it until now. We have had SUCH a crazy week this week and every time I have tried to post I had to get back to my school work.

I already posted about our apple picking trip on Saturday. What fun!

On Sunday we went to church and then a 60th Anniversary dinner afterward. What a long morning. By the time we got home the boys really needed a nap. They missed 2 that morning. So I fed them and we napped. OH did I tell you, we don't hold our babies when it's nap time. We always put them in their cribs awake and let them fall asleep on their own. They are such good sleepers. Anyway, when school started and I went back to work we decided that we were going to have 1 Sunday nap as a family. Jon would hold a boy and I would hold a boy. We haven't gotten the chance to do it much but this Sunday we did. OH, IS IT LOVELY!

After we all woke up I fed the boys. All four of us were still so sleepy. It was such a gorgeous day that we decided to take the boys out back for a little play time on a blanket.

ENJOY the photos! (...I know I do!)

Micaiah Gunnar

Micaiah Gunnar
Gunnar & Micaiah

Daddy and his boys (Gunnar on left and Micaiah on right)

Mama and her boys (Gunnar on left, Micaiah on right)



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