Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Festivities

It's that time of year. Fall!
I love that the leaves are changing colors and I can still be in a short sleeved shirt at the same time. Jon and I decided to take the boys apple picking. They had so much fun!

We are strapped in and ready to trail the orchard for the best apples we can find.

Daddy thought the boys should try and apple from this tree.

The boys agreed!

Gunnar really wanted to eat it. Jon was shocked that I let him put it in his mouth like that. I was a little suprised too...but he looks so cute!
Micaiah was so tired. He is so good at grabbing toys but he wouldn't even move his arms. I'm really thinking he was asleep with his eyes open. Which wouldn't be suprising becuase they do that all the time... CRAZY!

He was even more shocked that I let him bite a chunk for the boys to 'suck' on for a couple seconds. Gunnar loved it. I was suprised because he doesn't always seem to care for applesauce the same way Micaiah does.
We had so much fun! Now I can't wait to go pumpkin picking!

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