Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mom Mobile

Big news at the Ronnevik house. I got a MOM MOBILE!

Two years ago Jon and I bought me a Dodge Durango. We, I, loved it! I said that I would have the car forever. I also said that it would be perfect for a family. I was WRONG! You know what, it is perfect for a family, just not ours. We weren't expecting to have two babies at one time. I mean who does expect that? Also, I want more babes and I want them sooner than later. Yea I know, I'm crazy!

So after telling Jon in a joking manner that I want a mini van he said, OK, I'll look into them. I was like, WHAT?!? He totally agreed with me and my issues with the Durango not being the most practicle vehicle for our current family and potential expansion.

We knew that this purchase was not necessary. So when we arrived to the dealership on Wednesday evening we knew what we wanted and what we were willing to pay for it and if we didn't get it, then we didn't get it. We already had a great vehicle.

Guess what... We got it. Everything we wanted and at a price we were comfortable with. So Thursday I picked it up and I AM LOVING IT!!!

AND so are the boys!

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