Sunday, December 2, 2012

Big Eats

Little Man got to have his first bite of food on November 11th.  He turned 6 months on the 1st and I have been putting off this milestone.  I know this is a great step.  It means he's thriving, he's healthy, he's strong, etc.  However, it means that he doesn't rely solely on me anymore.  Yeah, yeah, I know he does... it's just not the same.  

Here L is with M waiting for his first tasting.

He has been ready for this day for a while now!  Every time we eat while holding him he opens his mouth as we bring the spoon or fork to ours.  Like I said, I've been putting this off.  It was about time.

Daddy and G did most of the feeding.

Look at him open his mouth so perfectly for his cereal.

His eyes remind me of a Precious Moments right here.  They don't normally look like this, but I think they are sooo gorgeous.

Of course (like most babes) he was ready to feed himself right away.

Towards the end of the bowl I traded the camera for the cereal.  I wanted to get in on the fun.

This kid has chunked up in the last couple weeks since we began cereal.  He's gotten such meaty little legs.

He ate it all up!

Hubs was hoping that since L started cereal it would mean that he would sleep better at night.  Not so much.  He's a monster at night!  I shouldn't say that.  He is such a happy baby.  He just wakes to eat A LOT.  I normally try not to feed him at night but the last few I gave up.  Normally I try to get him to go back to sleep but it takes about 2 hours and then I just give in and feed him.  After I feed him he goes right back to sleep.  The last few days I said forget it and just feed him right away.  I'm up much for a shorter amount of time and I don't have to wake Hubs for help since I'm not AS sleep deprived.  I figure I need to stop waking Hubs for help because he said at this rate he's done having kids since L doesn't sleep at night... he doesn't want to go through this again.  HAHA.

OH and NO, we DID NOT pick the wall color.  That's not bad compared to the horrible yellow mustard bathroom.  Try putting makeup on in a yellow mustard bathroom.... ug!

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