Sunday, December 16, 2012

Countdown Christmas Photo Challenge - Day 3

Getting ready for out trip to visit Santa. 

As always M & G did a great job.  They LOVED Santa since their first Christmas.  Christmas number 3 they are loving him even more.  L did awesome too.  He was in awe.  Santa and L took a couple of minutes and just gazed into each others eyes.  I really wanted to pick the picture where they were gazing but Hubs said he liked the one where he could see L's face... so of course I picked that one.  We also got a picture of all three boys together.  I hate how you can't take your own pictures when you visit a mall Santa.  I mean, I get it and all, but the pictures they print you are such garbage... over $20.00 for two pictures that are printed out looking worse than when I print from my crumby printer at home.


When M & G sat on Santa's lap he asked them what they wanted for Christmas.  They both looked over toward the fireplace and said THAT!  There were two presents wrapped.  The boys tried to take them home.  It was quite comical.  

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