Saturday, May 18, 2013

Little Man's Mustache Bow Tie Extravaganza

Did you happened to hear that our Little Man turned 1 on the 1st of May!?!  Haha, I'm sure you heard, I've only been posting about it forever now.  :)  

Little Man had a birthday party fit just for him... 

I made little bow ties and hair bows for all of the party guests.  I just took left over fabric from the suit jacket that I cut up to make into his cute little shorts with suspenders for his cake smash photos and cut maybe a 2inch by 3 1/2 inch rectangle.  I didn't measure just cut rectangles.  Then I took an old t-shirt and cut a half inch by 5 inch rectangle, again I didn't measure.  I wrapped the t-shirt around the suit jacket material and tied it in a knot in the back.  Then I took a safety pin or a bobby pin and slid it behind the blue knot.  I pinned them on the guests (or in their hair) as they arrived.

This is pretty obvious :)  I just printed the sign on white paper and threw it in a frame I already had.  Then just used a little glue to stick the bow (made the same way as the above bows but with different fabric and smaller) on.  I probably should have used a little tape but I used what was on my dinning room table at the time.  I'm hoping I can just pull it off and scrape the glue off haha.

For the photo booth props I just searched google images for free photo booth printables.  I made the cute little L is one sign on photoshop.  It would be just as easy to make in Word.

The bow tie on this frame is just taped... it was a last minute add to the frame ... smarter than the glue oops.  I cut out bow ties and neck ties for the party guests to write Little Man a note.  I am planning on putting them with the guests pictures in a photo book as a keep sake for him.

At the drink station we had tea, water, root beer, and cream soda. 

I made mustache props that I slid on the straws.  Look at how cute my Little Man is.  

I had these little wooden frames left over from M & G's 1st birthday party.  We used them at the craft station and the kids got to decorate.  Anyway, for place cards I just printed out the food/drink and glued a little homemade bow tie above the word.  

I made a cute little pennant/bunting.  Again I used the suit jacket material.  This time I folded the rectangle in half length wise and then took the top layer and folded it back and the bottom layer and folded it back and just wrapped a little thread around the rectangle and tied (not sure if that made sense without pictures?).  Then I cut squares out of the blue t-shirt.  I started with the corner of a square and sewed to the next corner then sewed a little of nothing to make a space and then through the length of the bow tie and continued until I ran out of the cut squares and premade bow ties.  

I had no desire to make a cake :(  Sorry L!  Hope he doesn't hate me forever haha.  I made cupcakes and chocolate mustaches.  The chocolates went in that bow tie tower thing (they looked so ugly in there so I didn't take a picture).  I made a little smash cake for the Little Man on the right and a personal cake (on the left) for my mother in law it was her birthday on the day of L's party.  

I cut little bow ties and mustaches out of scrape book paper and glued them onto toothpicks to decorate the cupcakes.  The scrape book pack that I bought was 'Guys' and had cute little pictures/sayings and I was able to use those to decorate with too.  I made carrot cake, yellow cake and chocolate cake cupcakes and iced them with vanilla, chocolate with chocolate chip, and cinnamon icing.  

There were also chocolate chip and oatmeal cranberry cookies.  

The scrape book pack even had mustache/beard pages.  I used those pages to write Little Man's name on a banner for his highchair.  

I always decorate the fireplace bricks with some sort of banner for different occasions and holidays.  For L's party I cut out ties and wrote Happy 1st Birthday.




The following pictures are of the party guests (and us) using the photo booth I put together.

 M & G


 Hubs likes this picture 'antique'.  :)  They are his mommy and daddy so he was being fresh saying the picture 'needs' to look old.

I should really go back and fix the above and below picture (and there are a few more that aren't quite the right color) since they are so yellow... but I don't think that going to happen right now... sorry if it bothers you :)

Daddy / L & Mama

Daddy & G

Daddy & M

I had so much fun at Little Man's party.  I know I've said it before and I will say it again, but..... I CAN'T BELIEVE HE IS ONE ALREADY!!!

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