Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend Visitors

One of my best friends back home came out to visit this weekend.  No, I'm not that cool.  She didn't come for me or my family... we were just an added perk... I'll take it!!!  She came out because her baby brother graduated from high school yesterday.  Congrats buddy!!  So proud of you!

On Thursday she and her adorable family came out to our house for the afternoon.  The boys had SO much fun showing "their girls" (that's what they call the girls) all their toys.  The 5 of them played so nicely together.  They enjoyed their peanut butter and jelly picnic.  

After the girls left the boys were pooped.  It was too late to put them down for a nap so I made a 'bed' on the living room floor for them.  They got to watch a movie and eat a cookie that my girlfriend brought them.  

On Friday we went to them.  We spent the bulk of the day in the pool at their hotel.  The boys had a blast.  Hubs did a great job teaching G how to stay above the water with only his swimmies.  M enjoyed the hot tub with his mama.  Poor kid seems to hate cold water as much as I do.  L made a new friend.  One of my girlfriends little sisters came along.  Saying little sister probably gives you the wrong impression, she's all grown up now too... married, getting her masters and starting an internship soon.  L fell in love!  She walked him around the pool area, snuggled him and was my extra hands the entire afternoon.  Later that night we had their brothers graduation party to go to.  While there I was holding L and he reached away from me to her and called out Mama.  YUP!!  Love I tell you!  

On Saturday we invited them over to Hubs parents house.  (We live 45 minutes away from where they were staying, Hubs parents live 10 minutes away.)  We had a little barbecue.  

Afterwards we went to Hubs brothers house to check out his chicks.  

This is their oldest K.  She is such a sweet caring girl.  For her birthday this year she asked for NO presents.  A 7 year old asking for no presents... almost unheard of.  She wanted the money that people would spend on her to be spent on children that don't have the luxuries that she does.  She asked to receive children's shoes for those that need them.  She has been collecting shoes since February.   


Here's L's new love.  This weekend I found out that not only family reads my blog.  SHE does too :)  It makes me so happy!

This is my girlfriends hubby.  Such a sweet sweet man.  My boys all love him to pieces!!  

So glad she had her camera with her all weekend.  I can't wait to see her pictures.  All of mine turned out blurry or smooshy.  Little Man grabbed my lens out of my camera bag and the cover popped off.  His grubby little finger prints were all over it and I had no idea.  After downloading the pictures and looking through them I realized something was wrong with my camera.  Lesson learned... either don't leave the camera bag on the floor for 6 grubby hands to get at and/or clean the lens' more often.

These two became super sweet fast friends.  My niece (S) and K hit it off right away.  S is two years older than K but they meshed so well.  S did a great job showing us the chickens and showing K how to hold them.  After they were done swooning over the chicks they went to play on the swing set.  By the time we all had to go they already came up with their own best friend handshake.

It was so nice having my friend and her family here.  It felt so natural having them.  Hubs asked me if I missed NJ after their visit.  I said nope... just my friends and family.

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