Sunday, May 29, 2011


What are some of the things you love?

We see the boys loving two things right now. Books and balloons or should I say buu and booon. They sound very similar but boy don't get them confused!

Mamas been really tired lately. With the end of the school year coming, taking care of hobbling hubs, two 14 month old boys, and let's not forget about the three dogs, I've been resting on the couch watching the boys play. Normally I am on the ground with the boys but the couch has been calling my name :/. Of course I get up when I'm needed. I get up to change diapers, to
make dinner, to clean up, to tear two screaming boys off of each other because they want the
same toys BUT for the few minutes I get to lay on the couch I do.

When I'm on the couch, I'm normally not alone. Across from the couch is the boys bookshelf. Once Mama sits on the couch a sweet faced babe comes running over saying buu buu buu. Hands Mama the book and reaches up in order to be picked up and put on the couch with me.

Here's Gunnar reading the touch and feel farm book that Grandma and Grandpa R gave us.

When one sweet babe sees the other sweet babe reading on the couch, almost instantaneously he will come over saying buu buu buu, reaching up to Mama. Sometimes he will be scooped up and join us on the couch. Other times he will stand and look at the book that way.

Oh we also LOVE the camera. Mic brought over a boon (balloon) but once he saw the camera he dropped it and said cheeese. Oh yeah, they say cheese. Someone gave them a really cute play camera for their birthday and it says, "Say cheese!". Now every time they see the camera they stop and say cheese. *That's why Gunnar's face looks so cheesey (haha) in the above pictures.

Here is Gunnar with his boon. Oh the story of the balloons.

Their favorite Aunt Doris had a 1st birthday balloon delivered for their birthday. This was the first time they ever saw a balloon. We played with the balloons all day. We sat on the ground (at this time they weren't walking) and we would pull the balloon string up and down, shaking the balloon. Every day they would crawl over to the balloon ribbon and tug in order to shake the balloon. Since we knew the boys loved balloons (and we needed some cheap decorations) we decided to buy some for centerpieces for their 1st b-day party. Of course after the party we brought them all home with us. They lasted for weeks, and so did the excitement. They did the same thing with these balloons they did with their first one. The balloons had the long ribbon. The boys would walk from ribbon to ribbon to tug on the balloon.

The boys love balloons so much, that whenever we go to a store and they see one they start yelling boon boon boon and pointing. We say oh how nice and move on. They don't think that's so nice. They WANT them in their hands. So stores, PLEASE stop putting balloons at your check out line, PLEASE. We have such a nice easy shopping trip and THEN there is the balloon at the check out line. I have not had to give in and buy one YET! haha

There was a party at the restaurant my mom works at and there were balloons. She knows how much the boys love balloons so instead of throwing them away she brought them home. She forgot them in the garage for 3 days. So I got to be the boys favorite. When I got home from work I grabbed the 9 balloons and brought them upstairs with me. OH how the boys loved me. They were shrilling, shrieking, giggling over the balloons.

Every day they read buus and play with their boons. OH they are SO CUTE!!

We have known that books and balloons are awesome on their own, but this morning we found out that when the buus have boons it's even better. Mic brought Daddy a book this morning. A book that we have read several times. However, this time was different. Daddy read the title and then read on. Micaiah sat there listening contently turning the pages when Daddy told him he could. All of a sudden he got to a page that had a balloon. Mic started bouncing on his bum on Daddy's leg yelling boon boon boon and pointing to the purple balloon. As Daddy kept reading Mic found more and more boons in the book. When Daddy closed the book and turned back to the cover Mic saw the yellow ballon and Daddy had to read the book all over again. This time with Micaiah pointing to every balloon.

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  1. The boys look so grown up in these photos...they are totally toddlers now!