Thursday, May 26, 2011


The boys were invited to a very sweet little girls 2nd birthday party.

The party was at Turtle Back Zoo. Oh the memories I have from taking day trips to this particular zoo. We LOVED it! It's too funny how you remember things being so GREAT and BIG from when you experienced it as a kid and when you go back you think, seriously I thought this was so awesome back them.

Don't get me wrong it is AWESOME!! Especially for young children... I know the boys had a blast, but I can't wait to take them to a bigger zoo with bigger animals.

Here are the boys with their sweet little friend who turned 2. After we enjoys visiting with the birthday girl and her family. Eating loads of food and shoveling in cupcakes we were able to go explore the zoo how ever we chose best for our families.

We took the boys to where the bears were. We stopped in the observation room. NO bears :( We were so sad.
Then we went inside the little cabin next to bear land and guess what we saw. A BEAR! The bear was passing back and forth in front of the window. They boys eyes never left the bear.

Of course the boys are too young for pony rides, but not too young to stop and look at the one that was tied up taking a rest.

After watching some pony rides we went into the barn. This was the boys favorite part of the day. We took them out of the stroller and walked through the barn. Lifting them up over the stalls so they could see the animals. There were pigs, sheep, horses, llama. They loved each and every one. They loved how close they were to them.

I can't wait for another nice Saturday so we can take them to a farm and pet the baby animals.

We stopped to look at the waterfall. M really liked watching the water.
Mama and Gunnar
Daddy and Mic

Wow were we tired when we got home :)

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