Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mamas Day

I know it was so long ago now but I had such a wonderful Mother's Day!

The boys let me sleep in. Which was wonderful! BUT when it happens on a Sunday it give me anxiety. I don't set an alarm clock, I mean come on now I have two build in ones that chime in at 7am. Mother's Day morning they decided to wait until just about 9. SO my plan of getting, showering, putting on a dress, etc were totally out the window. Instead I got up threw my hair up pulled the jeans on that I wore the day before (shhhh) and viola.

I guess it was a good thing that I didn't get all dressed up because my boys wanted to take me to the park for the day. After church we went to the grocery store to grab some grub and then off to our favorite park.

Normally I'm behind the camera but since it was Mamas day the hubs said that he wanted to be in charge of the camera so he could get some shots of his boys with their "beautiful Mama" (his words not mine haha).
Here we are at the park. We just finished cleaning up our picnic. I am just wiping the boys faces before letting them out onto the lush grass for the first time ever.

Here are G and M in anticipation. Waiting to be unbuckled so they could go play.

While hubs and Mic checked out at the grocery store G and I walked to the Dollar Store to grab some balls. They had these great balls that fit so perfectly in the babes hands. We also picked up a beach ball. G and I thought it would be fun to roll on the top of it.



M decided that the balls not only fit in his hands just right but that they tasted oh so yummy too! I looked over and all of a sudden my son was eating his ball as if it were an apple. MMmmm!
I grabbed what was left in his mouth and pulled it out. I love how you can sort of see G in the background looking to see what's going on.

Gunnar was watching Mama pull out the foam chunks from M. He has the "Why don't I get any more food and he does?" look on his face.
G enjoying the thick grass.
Mommy and Micaiah

This was the first time since early spring that the boys have worn hats. (They wore them all winter, I LOVE HATS). I just couldn't get them to leave them on their heads. Ught oh!
I finally got upset and starting to give Gunnar the naughty finger shake...just kidding I was just hamming it up :)





Gunnar and Mama
Micaiah and Mama
By the end of the afternoon the boys were exhausted. Good thing they slept in so long that morning because they didn't get to take any naps the entire day.

I can't believe how happy they stayed without one.

I am the luckiest, most blessed Mama in the WORLD! Thank you Lord for giving me such a special gift!

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