Thursday, May 10, 2012

L's Arrival

I need to write up L's birth story, but it's awfully hard to type while holding the nugget.  So instead I will share a huge load of photos. 

I love that Daddy got this picture.  I love the weight on the screen behind L.

I love that L got to come into recovery with me.  (More on that later)

The rest of our stay in the hospital included a lot of photos taken by mommy some taken by daddy and lots of snuggles.

M & G came to visit the 2nd day.

M getting to hold L for the first time.

 G getting to hold L for the first time.

L's first photo shoot :)

Ready to go home.
L is so tiny in his car seat.  We weren't thrilled with how he 'held up' during the drive.  We want to get an infant insert.  M & G had a fuzzy one that was meant for the winter.  It wasn't necessarily an insert to hold up the babe it was more to keep him warm in the winter... but it did a better job holding the babe in place.  With no insert L just kinda slides all over the place.

Finally home.
Trying to spend some quality time with all the boys.  

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