Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gorgeous Day

Last week (or was it two weeks ago now?) we had such a beautiful snowfall.  We got over 6 inches.  

The flakes were HUGE.  

The next morning I bundled up and went outside to take some pictures of the beautiful scenery.

This is our next door neighbors dog.  Ours wouldn't go out with me.  He is as bad as me when it comes to the cold.

Little bird tracks.

Later that day when Hubs got home from work we bundled the boys up and went out for a little bit.

Not a big surprise.  G ate as much snow as he could possibly shove in his mouth before his cheeks got too cold from it.

And of course M wanted his trucks.

I asked Hubs to take a picture of me with the boys....  I LOVE IT!!  I know it's blurry, but if it wasn't it would be the perfect picture of me with them.

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