Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hubs and I talked about what we wanted to do with the boys for Valentine's Day.  We wanted to get a little something for them but I never got around to getting to a store to purchase anything.  

So I searched around the house and I found a few quirky things that would work.  

Crazy straw, balloon, foam hearts for the bath, orange, and some kisses.  

Late morning I made pink heart pancakes.

The boys loved them.  They started eating them before I was even able to plate them and get the syrup.

After breakfast the boys had a special bath.

L came to join us half way through.

The pink bubble bath with foam hearts was a big hit.

After the boys bath we snuggled and watched a show.  Then they went down for a nap.  While the Bigs were napping I took some pictures of the Little Man.  

You can see more pictures of the gorgeous boy at if you would like.

When the boys woke up from nap I gave them their crazy straws.  They sat at the table and drank a huge cup of water giggling while using their new straws.

After a little play the boys had heart grilled cheese sandwiches and their orange.

My mom came over to watch the boys so Hubs and I could go out to dinner.  Right before we left we gave the boys their last valentine.  I think the balloon might have been their favorite one.  Hubs and I spent a few minutes blowing them up and then pointing the open end at the boys faces so they would be hit by the wind.  They were cracking up.

We had a great day.  Hope you did too!

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